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The Sophie Germain ship

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Orange SA launches new vessel for repairing underwater Internet cables

The Sophie Germain ship

The Sophie Germain. Image source: Orange

French telecommunications giant Orange SA has unveiled its latest vessel aimed at maintaining global internet connectivity.

The telecommunications company spear a 50 million euro ($53 million) ship, the Sophie Germain, to repair underwater internet cables across the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Black Sea.

Rapid response capability: The 100 meter long vessel can be dispatched within 24 hours of a cable fault report and is equipped with an underwater robot capable of diving up to 3,000 meters to locate damaged cables and then recover them , repair and reposition them quickly, which takes about 3,000 meters in length. three days.

Furthermore, The boat is expected to complete approximately one repair mission each month, for clients such as Meta Platforms Inc., Telecom Italia Spa and China Telecom Corp. This will help maintain the 70,000 km (43,000 miles) of cable that allows internet traffic to flow between Europe. , Africa and Asia.

Orange Marine, a subsidiary of Orange SA, with a history in repairing underwater Internet cables, owns seven of the approximately 50 cable distributors spread across the world. Located in La Seyne-Sur-Mer in the south of France, it sits between China, the United States and Africa, while maintaining proximity to crucial internet cable landing points like Marseille, Genoa and Barcelona.

Zoom out: Cable damage is most often caused by fishing activity, although sometimes earthquakes and falling rocks are the cause. In August, two submarine cables that connect South Africa to the global network broken due to a landslide in the Congo Canyon.

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Enza Capital’s new $58 million program

Peter Kahi

The Enza Capital team. Image source: TechCrunch

Kenya-based venture capital firm Enza Capital has raised $58 million to support startups on the continent.

The venture capital firm, which invests from first check, pre-seed level to Series B, started in 2019, with the aim of backing “category defining” technology companies in industry verticals. fintech, logistics, health, human capital and climate. continent.

Enza Capital has made 48 investments in 31 companies across the continent. The Nairobi-based company also invested in Guidewheel, a Kenyan climate technology startup from its pilot phase. Enza Capital was also the first check investor in Autochek, SeamlessHR, Money 254 and Earthacre.

A twist of ownership? The venture capital firm is launching a new shared ownership model that allows startup founders to own part of the company. Enza capital allocated 10% of its carry pool to the founders.

Enza Capital wants to use shared ownership to foster collaboration and alignment with the startup’s founders, Mike Mompi, managing partner of the venture capital firm. told TechCrunch in an interview. According to him, this decision increases the chances of success for all stakeholders in the venture capital structure.

Zoom out: Enza Capital’s founding partnership program is the latest of several venture capital firms raising capital and raising hopes for startups seeking funds in what appears to be a funding winter.

The Ivorian startup Auto24 is developing in four African countries


Image source: TechCabal

Auto24, the Ivorian used car market, has expanded its presence in four new markets.

The startup developed simultaneously in Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa, one year later launched in Ivory Coast.

A strategic expansion: According to CEO Axel Peyrière, South Africa and Morocco were chosen due to their status as the two largest automotive markets on the continent. The expansion into Rwanda, on the other hand, serves as an entry point into East Africa and a promising market for electric cars, aligning with Rwanda’s green policies. Finally, Senegal was chosen due to its similarities with Ivory Coast, providing a natural setting for Auto24’s expansion plans. The expansion into these new markets was made possible through careful planning and preparation, initiated months before the official launch, Peyrière said.

Additionally, customers from newly added countries can access the platform in international and local languages, allowing them to reserve and secure vehicles of their choice before test driving and finalizing their purchases.

Zoom out: According to Peyrière, Auto24 has had a successful year, helping “thousands of customers” purchase cars without any warranty issues. He stressed that their economic model is particularly virtuous, because their used vehicles are more affordable than new vehicles, fitting perfectly into the principles of a circular economy.

The World Wide Web3



Name of the scene

Current value



Bitcoin $27,124

+ 3.49%

+ 4.30%

Ether $1,657





+ 1.97%

– 5.14%

Cardano $0.2495


– 6.19%

*Data as of 9:47 p.m. WAT, September 28, 2023.


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