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Growth and investment in the African technology scene have accelerated rapidly in recent years. Nigeria is increasingly known for its innovative tech startups and is an epicenter and hub for some of Africa’s biggest content tech companies like Flutterwave, Paystack and Konga. Nigeria has a vibrant technology ecosystem.

Lagos, in particular, has gained global recognition as a thriving technology hub, often referred to as the “Silicon Lagoon,” that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.

This fertile ground for all things technological has produced an exceptional harvest of leaders worthy of recognition.

Here is a list of some of Africa’s most influential tech entrepreneurs who have innovated the sector and what they did to gain notoriety.

  1. Strive for Masiyiwa: Strive is known for pioneering mobile telecommunications in Africa through Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. He played a crucial role in introducing mobile telephony to Zimbabwe and other African countries, addressing communications challenges and driving economic development. He is a Zimbabwean billionaire and philanthropist well known for his work at the intersection of technology and transformational change.
  2. Rebecca Enonchong, Eng. FR: Rebecca is known for her tailored leadership in delivering enterprise application solutions through AppsTech. His company has developed and implemented advanced enterprise software solutions that enable African businesses to have efficient and scalable technology tools.
  3. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji: Iyinoluwa is influential for co-founding Andela and Future Africa, supporting tech talent development and startups. The company identifies, trains and connects African software developers with global companies, while Future Africa invests in and supports the next generation of African entrepreneurs.
  4. Mitchell Elegbe: Mitchell Elegbe is the founder of Interswitch Group, a pioneer of Nigerian fintech. The company has introduced innovative payment processing and financial services solutions, transforming the way transactions are carried out in Africa.
  5. Ashish Thakkar: Ashish Thakkar is influential for his entrepreneurial projects in several sectors within the Mara Group. The group supports various businesses and startups and is known for its commitment to advancing business opportunities and development in the region.
  6. Chris Folayan: Chris is the founder of Mall for Africa which is revolutionizing cross-border e-commerce in Africa. The company enables Africans to shop online from over 250 US and UK retailers and provides a seamless and secure platform for international purchases.
  7. Jason Njoku: Jason is a Nigerian-British social entrepreneur and founder and CEO of IrokoTV, a web platform that offers free and paid Nigerian films on demand. He is also the founder of IROKO Partners, a Nigerian online entertainment media distribution company that offers online media products.
  8. Tayo Oviosu: Tayo is the founder and CEO of Paga, a mobile money service based in Lagos. Paga was launched in Nigeria in April 2009. It has gained significant recognition for its contribution to African innovation and is part of the growing return of African innovators to the continent. In addition to the success of his Fintech startup, he co-founded Kairos Angels, an angel investing club. 9
  9. Omar Cisse: Omar is a Senegalese entrepreneur and investor, specializing in financial technology and is particularly dedicated to fostering the growth of the African entrepreneurial landscape. He is CEO and founder of InTouch, a fintech startup based in Dakar. Additionally, he is co-founder of InTouch, a fintech startup based in Dakar. He is also co-founder of Teranga Capital, an investment fund intended to provide crucial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Senegal. Renowned for his exceptional strategic acumen and deep mastery of financial technology, he is highly regarded for his instrumental role in supporting Senegalese SMEs in their commercial activities.
  10. Eric Thimba: Eric is the founder of Mookh Africa – a technology company focused on creating platforms that help African creatives make money. He is also the founder of The Ideas Company, an African ideation think tank, and Ujuaji Podcast, a platform that aims to provide thought leadership to young Africans by sparking discussions. The ultimate goal of these discussions is to inspire youth-led ideas and solutions to build a better Africa.

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