13 Small Business Ideas for African Entrepreneurs to Get Started

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The map below shows the businesses entrepreneurs most want to start in Africa.

Creating and growing new businesses is crucial to the health of any economy, and entrepreneurs across Africa are eager to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

By focusing on the types of small businesses most in demand in their respective countries, entrepreneurs can help chart the path to economic growth in Africa.

Interior design in Mauritius, cooking gas refills in South Africa and photography in Namibia are just some of the highly sought-after personal services in Africa.

In Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, the Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Mali, there are more searches related to starting a recycling business than any other type of business. This trend could be due to the growing waste problem in the region, where 58% of young Africans are dissatisfied with current recycling efforts.

Entrepreneurs from Ghana, Ethiopia and Rwanda are keen to start a real estate business, reflecting a growing interest in real estate investment across the continent.

Clothing businesses are popular in Tanzania and Mozambique, where entrepreneurs are looking to tap into the growing demand for affordable and stylish clothing.

In Egypt and Tunisia, entrepreneurs focus on importing and exporting goods, indicating their desire to exploit international markets.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, entrepreneurs are looking to start construction businesses, reflecting a growing demand for infrastructure development across the country.

In Nigeria, entrepreneurs are showing interest in point-of-sale (POS) businesses, reflecting a growing interest in technology companies across the country.

In Uganda, entrepreneurs are keen to start wholesale businesses, indicating a growing demand for access to goods and products across the country.

In South Africa, cooking gas refill companies are in high demand, reflecting a growing need for alternative energy sources across the country.

In Senegal and Ivory Coast, entrepreneurs are keen to start cleaning businesses, reflecting a growing need for cleaning services in urban areas.

In Morocco, entrepreneurs are focusing on starting freight businesses, indicating their desire to take advantage of the country’s growing logistics sector.

In Libya, entrepreneurs are keen to start software companies, reflecting a growing interest in technology companies across the country.

In Cape Verde, entrepreneurs are focusing on establishing jewelry businesses, indicating a growing interest in the country’s arts and crafts industry.

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