2024 will break world records for most air passengers – and airline profits

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And according to an IATA survey, a third of travelers say they are traveling more than before the pandemic.

The return to pre-pandemic levels is also accompanied by an increase in profits. IATA forecasts net profits for the airline industry of $25.7 billion next year, an increase of 10% from this year.

Although Walsh also warned that “the industry’s profits need to be put into perspective.”

“On average, airlines will only withhold $5.45 for each passenger carried,” he said. “That’s about enough to buy a large, basic latte at a London Starbucks. But it’s far too little to build a shock-resilient future for a critical global industry.”

And while things are looking up for the industry, the enormous impact of the pandemic is undeniable.

“The speed of the recovery has been extraordinary; but it also appears that the pandemic has cost aviation about four years of growth,” Walsh said.

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