2nd edition of Veuve Clicquot Bold Conversations Accra highlights game changers for women entrepreneurs

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The much-anticipated second edition of the Veuve Clicquot Bold Conversations Ghana was held last Friday at the Makosa Restaurant at the Sandbox Beach Club and highlighted watershed changes for women entrepreneurs in Ghana.

The conference brought together visionary women, industry leaders and entrepreneurs for a day of enriching discussions and networking opportunities.

The conference was not only a platform for engaging conversations, but also an opportunity to unveil the main findings of the Veuve Clicquot Women’s Entrepreneurship Barometer.

This would be the 3rd edition of the International Bold by Veuve Clicquot Barometer since its launch in 2019.

In 2023, the survey received feedback from an incredible 49,000 people across 25 countries, including Ghana.

Now incorporating information from six continents, the results of this latest Women’s Entrepreneurship Barometer speak volumes not only about how and why women become entrepreneurs, but also about how they are meeting the geopolitical challenges of our world evolving.

This edition of Bold Conversations provided an ideal platform to share the official launch of Veuve Clicquot’s Bold Open Database, a game-changer for women entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Women entrepreneurs need visibility more than ever to succeed and the Bold Open Data Base allows them to connect and be visible to the media and investors.

Thus, Ghanaian women entrepreneurs were invited to register and join an illustrious community of women from around the world who embody the spirit of Madame Clicquot.

The event not only featured inspiring discussions, but also revealed the remarkable results of the Barometer, a pioneering research initiative led by Veuve Clicquot.

The Barometer, which examines the entrepreneurial landscape in Ghana, has provided valuable insights into the challenges, opportunities and trends facing women entrepreneurs in the country.

Some event highlights were

Unveiling of the Veuve Clicquot Female Entrepreneurship Barometer: The conference began with the unveiling of the much-anticipated results of the Veuve Clicquot Women Entrepreneurship Barometer, a pioneering research initiative designed to provide invaluable insights into the entrepreneurship landscape in Ghana. This research explored the challenges, achievements and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs in the country.

Stimulating conversations: Throughout the event, attendees were treated to a series of thought-provoking panel discussions and inspiring keynote speeches. Experts and entrepreneurs from various sectors shared their knowledge and experiences on entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and the central role women play in economic growth.

Networking Opportunities: The event facilitated networking, allowing attendees to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors and industry professionals. These connections should foster valuable collaborations and partnerships that will lead to positive change.

Featuring speakers and panelists such as Miishe Addy, Femi Asante, Pearl Nkrumah and Mawuena Trebah, participants engaged on key topics regarding women in entrepreneurship and the workplace.

Key discussion points included, among other important topics, the perceived need to act like a man in order to succeed as a woman in business and work-life harmony for female entrepreneurs.

“If you have a business idea and you’re in the early stages and you think you want to raise venture capital, raise private debt, start with the story phase, start building relationships with investors, get their feedback,” said Miishe Addy, CEO of Jetstream Africa.

Femi Asante, CEO of hotel conglomerate Groupe Sébastien, has expressed joy at the rise of women in entrepreneurship in Ghana and further forged them to “face your destiny very clearly, what that means is that everything the world has a different path, your path may not be mine. path and mine may not be yours.

Carolé Bildé, Director of Marketing and Communications at Veuve Clicquot, expressed her satisfaction with the success of the event, saying: “I am delighted to see the Bold program growing in a country as dynamic as Ghana.

The Veuve Clicquot Bold Conversations Ghana – Second Edition was a resounding success, highlighting our commitment to fostering meaningful conversations and celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation.

The unveiling of the results of the Veuve Clicquot Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Barometer constitutes an important step towards the empowerment of women in the entrepreneurial landscape. »

It was attended by a diverse group of women leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from various sectors.

The Barometer’s insightful discussions and findings promise to have a lasting impact on the women’s entrepreneurial landscape in Ghana.

The International Women’s Entrepreneurship Barometer is part of Veuve Clicquot’s long tradition of supporting women’s entrepreneurship.

Through the results, it was identified that in Ghana, the entrepreneurial landscape for female entrepreneurship is strong – almost all aspire to it and seem motivated both by the meaning it adds to their lives and the pleasure of being their own boss.

Ghanaian women entrepreneurs have been shown to be able to confront any professional fears or risks they perceive, appear willing to overcome logistical barriers to entrepreneurship, and appear to challenge men’s perceptions as well as their own.

Women also face harsh professional criticism, but seem willing to respond to it and disagree when male entrepreneurs brag about being more popular among employees.

Furthermore, the findings showed that Ghanaian women believe in the power and inspiration of female entrepreneurs as role models, but find few examples outside the entertainment industry.

Another finding to note is that female entrepreneurs are less present in higher-income sectors than their male counterparts, but they strive to turn global challenges into triumphs.

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