A 7-year-old girl raped by her cousin

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The affair is making headlines in Louga. The Observer reveals that she met in the hot seat a teenager accused of raping his 7-year-old cousin.

The newspaper explains that the mother of AC, a student in CP class, activated the bloodhounds. Thus, as part of the procedure, investigators requisitioned the gynecologist from the regional hospital Amadou Sakhir Mbaye.

After examining the patient, the white coat concluded a hymen rupture despite her young age.

When questioned, the girl claimed to have been raped twice by her cousin. She admitted that the latter took advantage of her mother’s absence to drag her into a box before abusing her. The student was very precise in his statements, the source informs.

This suggests that the accused, charged with rape of a minor under 13 and pedophilia, was referred and then sent to prison despite his denials. The teenager, partially confessing to the facts, admitted to having isolated himself with his cousin, but denies having tried to sleep with her. His explanations did not convince the investigating judge.

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