A former OpenAI executive has a simple trick for surviving AI in the workplace

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But in a world where AI can competently code, write, and analyze data, what makes us “human” may matter more than ever, former OpenAI executive Zack Kass told Business Insider .

This means looking at areas where humansalways faster than AI – like critical thinking.

In the years to come, it will be more important that we “hire lawyers not for their speed, but for their truly unique understanding of an issue,” Kass said.

He added that it would also be essential to embrace what makes you likable, someone other humans ultimately want to work with.

“AI will commoditize most of our knowledge and many of our skills,” Kass wrote via email. Thus our “unchangeable human qualities” such as “courage, vision, wisdom, empathy” will become more important.

These qualities could also set you apart as AI takes over worker tasks at all levels. Studies have already shown that AI is necessarily an equalizer At work. So, Kass says, workers should emphasize their personal qualities.

“Why would anyone hire ‘assholes’ in a world where everyone is smart,” he said with a laugh.

A workforce of likeable people can also improve a company’s bottom line. People who have friends at work are not only more likely to keep their jobs, but they are also more productiveengaged, happier and healthier.

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