A witness recounts the meeting with Dadis

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In Guinea, Youssouf Touré, a civil administrator who says he worked with the power of Dadis Camara, testified yesterday, Tuesday, January 9, at the September 28 trial. The man who goes by the nickname “Joli” accused the captain of having tried to eliminate Toumba Diakité, by using an Indian magician. But their business failed.

Idriss Chérif, the former Minister of Communication, would also have come into contact with practitioners of mysticism, always with the aim of putting an end to the famous aide-de-camp of Dadis Camara.

“He undressed and washed himself with the blood”

These men were to meet at the house of the former intendant of the Presidency Gono Sangaré. Before joining them, Dadis Camara “expressed the desire to meet the devil”. “When we left, I don’t know where they got human blood. He was told that he had to wash himself with this human blood if he wanted to see the devil. Gono Sangaré went out to wait outside. He undressed and washed himself with the blood. They called the devil through the forest” reveals the witness according to “Guinéenews”

“The witch doctor told him that if he fled, he would go crazy”

Youssouf Touré specifies that Captain Dadis Camara wanted to escape when he saw the devil approaching him. “The witch doctor told him that if he fled, he would go mad and no one would be able to heal him. The devil told him that since he had washed himself with human blood, he would be linked to human blood in his quest for power,” Youssouf Touré continued.

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