Africa CEO Forum 2023: an ambitious closing focused on harnessing Africa’s full potential

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This year’s forum brought together Africa’s top leaders, with more than 2,000 participants from 73 countries, including 44 African countries. 1,000 CEOs of large groups, more than 50 CEOs of African start-ups, 300 women leaders, five prime ministers and dozens of ministers. Discussions covered key strategic topics including food security, trade, public-private partnerships, youth engagement, AI technology and Africa’s natural resource potential. Delphine Traoré, CEO of Allianz Africa, has been recognized as “CEO of the Year”, recognizing her exceptional contribution to Africa’s economic progress.

Significant progress has also been made through the implementation of high-impact projects. One of the key achievements was the conclusion of a $500 million financing agreement between the Nigerian BUA Group and the International Finance Corporation, which is expected to improve the production of low-carbon cement in Nigeria, Niger and in Burkina Faso. The Ivory Coast government also signed three protocols worth $450 million, aimed at strengthening sectors such as agribusiness, integrated plantation development and real estate. Other collaborations involve the construction of industrial parks in partnership with CRBC and PFO. Africa50 and Gabon announced the launch of a major electricity distribution program.

Reflecting on the fruitful discussions at the meeting, Amir Ben Yahmed, Chairman of the Africa CEO Forum, said: “In less than half a decade, we have witnessed world-changing events like the COVID pandemic. -19, energy shortages and rising global inflation. These disruptions have reshaped global relations, but they also offer opportunities. This year’s forum highlighted the need for Africa to seize these opportunities, leveraging its private sector as an engine of growth. and cobalt, and with an increasing emphasis on effective collaborations between governments and stakeholders, we are on the right trajectory.

“Over the past two days, we have benefited from expert advice on a variety of transformative topics,” commented Sergio Pimenta, Regional Vice President for Africa. “We discussed the enormous potential of African women-led startups, viable solutions for providing universal healthcare, at least in parts of the continent, and how Africa is creating sustainable and circular economies . Yesterday, our CEO, Makhtar Diop, spoke about the progress Africa is making, particularly in financial inclusion and digital connectivity. Collectively, we also explored strategies to increase the number of African champions from 300 to 3,000. This forum was instrumental in not only fostering dialogue, but also paving the way for concrete action plans. ”

Looking ahead, the forum reaffirmed its commitment to continue advocating for the central role of the African private sector in driving growth and propelling African business champions to global recognition.


Founded in 2012, the AFRICA CEO FORUM is the leading platform bringing together the CEOs of the largest African and multinational companies, investors, heads of state, ministers and representatives of the main financial institutions active on the continent. An undeniable place for high-level meetings, exchanges of experiences and analysis of trends affecting the business world, the annual AFRICA CEO FORUM Summit aims to propose concrete and innovative solutions to move the continent and its businesses forward. The AFRICA CEO FORUM was created by Jeune Afrique Media Group and is co-organized by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.

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