Africa: Ensuring peace on the continent

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Diaspora, Africa – (African Boulevard News) – UN Security Council and AU meeting on peace and security opens in Addis Ababa

Since Thursday in Addis Ababa, the peace and security organs of the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) have been holding fruitful discussions on the financing of peacekeeping operations carried out under the aegis of the pan-African body.

This high-level meeting, which brings together key stakeholders from the UN Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council, aims to address the urgent issue of financing peacekeeping efforts on the African continent. The discussions mainly revolve around the need for sustainable and predictable financing mechanisms, as well as burden-sharing agreements between AU member states and the international community.

As conflicts and security challenges persist in different regions of Africa, it is crucial to ensure that peacekeeping missions receive adequate and timely funding. The availability of financial resources has a direct impact on the AU’s capacity to respond effectively to crises, support peace processes and protect vulnerable populations.

In his opening speech, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who chairs the African Union, highlighted the need for greater cooperation and collaboration between the AU and the UN. He said: “We must work together to mobilize the resources needed to finance our own peace priorities and share the burden of maintaining peace in Africa.”

Key stakeholders also highlighted the importance of strengthening relations between the AU and the UN, as well as exploring innovative financing mechanisms. These mechanisms could include partnerships with regional financial institutions, exploration of innovative financing models and private sector participation.

The President of the Security Council for the month of October, Indian Ambassador TS Tirumurti, highlighted the important role the UN plays in supporting African-led peace operations. He said: “The United Nations remains committed to supporting the African Union in its efforts to promote peace and security on the continent.”

Civil society organizations and peace and security experts also closely followed the discussions in Addis Ababa. They emphasize the importance of going beyond rhetoric and taking concrete steps to ensure sustainable funding for peacekeeping missions. This includes exploring alternative sources of financing and developing long-term financial planning strategies.

The Addis Ababa meeting provides a platform for Member States, the AU and the UN to address challenges and find practical solutions for financing peacekeeping operations in Africa. This is a crucial step towards strengthening collaboration, strengthening peace and security efforts, and ultimately building a more peaceful and prosperous continent.

As discussions continue, participants hope to reach consensus on the path forward to ensure sustainable funding for peacekeeping operations across Africa. The outcomes of this meeting will undoubtedly shape the future of peacekeeping efforts on the continent and strengthen the AU-UN partnership to address peace and security challenges.

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