African Business Seminar Comes to Zimbabwe

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The fourth edition of the Africa Business Seminar is scheduled to be held on Friday this week in Zimbabwe with the aim of providing a platform for interaction for business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators from across Africa.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to build strong trade relations between Africans, focusing on African interests, by Africans and for Africans. With the theme “AFRICA ONE IDENTITY”, the event emphasizes the unity of the African continent.

The African Business Seminar and Gala Dinner boasts an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, including seasoned business professionals such as Luck Moyo of the Harare Small Business Chamber, Clemence Banda of the Harare Business Forum, Ms Aobakwe Mosomane from Botswana and Mrs. Nkeirukama Rosemary Ezechukwu, among others. Dr Kudzanai Vere from the Institution of Entrepreneurs of Zimbabwe and Sonia Falvio Ferrao Pinto of Mozambique from the Azamap Association will also grace the event with their presence.

One of the highlights of the event is the networking session, providing attendees with plenty of opportunities to connect and collaborate throughout their stay.

The carefully selected discussion topics reflect the extensive experience and expertise of the panelists. They will address the financial, mental and emotional challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses, with the aim of fostering a successful, healthy and prosperous business society, a topic that often does not receive enough attention.

This seminar and gala dinner offers producers, startups and cross-border traders a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights.

The impact of the event will extend beyond business discussions, with a strong focus on promoting tourism, arts and culture across the continent. Discussions will focus on accommodation, logistics, catering, arts and culture, fresh produce, steel and small and medium-sized mining businesses.

The gala dinner, with its blend of music, gastronomy, exquisite cuisine and sensual African melodies, promises an unforgettable experience for all participants.

What sets this event apart is its dedication to Africans with a shared commitment to uplifting their communities, penetrating business circles and closing the gaps that contribute to poverty in Africa.

By creating strong networks that extend beyond national borders, the Africa Business Seminar and Gala Dinner aims to promote unity, prosperity and a better future for the entire African continent.

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