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by MMC
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So many reasons why I was so happy to have my cord.

  • Kept me from dropping my phone – nothing worse than a cracked phone on vacation.

  • I didn’t need to “find” my phone. On my previous safaris, when juggling my camera, backpack, etc., I quickly hide my phone somewhere only to have to look for where to put it. This panic was avoided thanks to my handy dandy cord.

    Speaking of finding my phone, I was my dressing room in the southern Serengeti, enjoying my evening bushfire, when some guests asked me if they knew how to find a phone. One of the guests, while on safari, lost her phone while taking photos – it was in her pocket – and they were trying to find where she had dropped the phone. It was pitch black when they tried to follow his tracks, and when I asked them in the morning, they couldn’t find the phone. I was grateful that my phone was hanging on my cord, right next to me.

  • And of course, a quick photo op, and my handy phone was easy to grab because it was right in front of me.

Now let’s go to Safari so you too can use this cord. Or not, if unlike me, you are responsible for your phone.

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