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LUSAKA, Zambia, October 31, 2023 /African Media Agency (AMA)/- The African Fintech Summit, the continent’s most important fintech gathering, is set to convene for its 10th annual event, scheduled for November 2-3, 2023, at the Ciela Resort in Lusaka, Zambia. This year’s summit promises to be the largest and most impactful ever, as it will bring together industry leaders, innovators, investors and policymakers to chart the fintech path across Africa.

With the fintech landscape in Africa evolving at an unprecedented pace, this year’s summit is expected to exceed all expectations. This year’s theme at AFTS is “Fintech in Every Sector”, which focuses on fintech applications and innovations and areas where financial technology can improve efficiency, profitability and transparency in the public and private.

Organizers have organized an exciting range of activities designed to inspire new conversations around this theme, spark collaboration for increased growth and chart a possible future for fintech innovation on the continent.

Group chats

Prepare to dive into the heart of fintech innovation with thought-provoking panel discussions. Top experts and industry leaders will share their views on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in African fintech.

These discussions will serve as a forum for participants to explore various topics, such as blockchain, digital payments, financial inclusion, and more. Some of the key sessions to look forward to include:

A. Focus on Zambia: Fintech and digital transformation

Zambia has embarked on a digital transformation journey focused on creating an inclusive digital economy, following an April 2022 report revealing that Zambia has a digital economy score of 45% and a digital divide of 47, meaning 47% of Zambians are not digitally included. This panel brings together policy makers, industry experts and private sector players to provide insight into the strategies, policies and initiatives Zambia is using to achieve its digital transformation goals and the role fintech could play .


Chilikwa BandaPresident of the Zambia Digital Finance Association; Vincent MalekaniNational Business Development Director, Mastercard, Zambia; Clement SinyangwePresident – ​​ICT Association of Zambia (ICTAZ)); Lukonga Lindundaco-founder and executive director, BongoHive; Chilufya Mutaleco-founder and CEO, PremierCredit; Brett MagrathFounder of Zoona and Chief Product Officer – Chipper Cash, and Chipili Salatipartner – Corporate, Finance and commercial transactions, MMLP.

B. Investing in fintech amid a slowdown in global investment

2022 and early 2023 have been referred to by some as a “deep venture capital freeze”, with global venture capital investment declining for the year. sixth consecutive quarter in the second quarter of 2023. This session brings together technology investors from different backgrounds and stages to better understand what is happening in the investment landscape in the fintech industry in Africa and what to expect in the future.


Margaret O’Connorpresident of Launch Africa VC; Dolapo Agbajedirector, APIS Partners; Philani Mzilainvestment director, Founders Factory Africa; Hangwi Muambadzihead of Africa, CommerzVentures, and David Afolayanco-founder and chief content officer, TechNext.

Networking Opportunities

The summit provides attendees with multiple opportunities to interact with fintech professionals, pioneers, investors and government officials. From exclusive VIP dining to casual coffee breaks, every moment is designed to foster meaningful connections.

The list of participants for this year’s event is larger and more diverse than ever. Attendees can expect to connect with stakeholders from the organizations represented at the summit, including the Office of the President of the Republic of Zambia, Ministry of Technology and Science of Zambia, Mastercard, Flutterwave, Paystack, Chipper Cash, Pan-African Payments Settlement System (PAPSS), Yellow Card, Amazon Web Services, Launch Africa, Founders Factory Africa, Afrexim bank, Ecobank, and others.

HAS #AFTSLusaka2023, networking is not just a formality; it is a springboard for future collaborations that could revolutionize the fintech landscape.

Industry Spotlight

#AFTSLusaka2023 is intended to provide various opportunities for participants to immerse themselves in the African fintech ecosystem. With a guided tour of the Zambian fintech ecosystem, participants will explore local innovations and startups shaping the industry.

The 6th AlphaExpo Micro-Accelerator and Pitch Competition, which will take place at the event, is an ecosystem initiative designed to support early-stage startups by allowing them to pitch at the Africa Fintech Summit, demonstrate their products, meet potential investors, partners, and customers, and win growth-enhancing awards.

AlphaExpo program alumni have raised over $200 million since participating and include industry leaders such as MarketForce, Yellow Card App, Asaak, Piggyvest, ArifPay, Payhippo and many more. This year, the program will give up to 15 African startups the opportunity to attend, exhibit and pitch at #AFTSLusaka2023 as VIP delegates.

The Africa Fintech Summit Lusaka 2023 elevates the debate on financial innovation on the continent. From thought-provoking panel discussions with industry titans to exclusive networking opportunities that pave the way for game-changing partnerships and a spotlight on Zambia’s dynamic fintech ecosystem, culminating with the AlphaExpo Pitch competition that celebrates innovation in all sectors, this summit represents a deep dive into innovation. on the continent and highlights the fundamental numbers and ideas shaping the future of fintech in Africa.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the Africa Fintech Summit Lusaka 2023 – where ideas flourish, connections thrive and the future of fintech in Africa is shaped! Visit the official AFTS website for more details and to register to attend the summit.

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