AI-powered businesses and innovations in Africa

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About 90% of the continent’s small farms rely on rainfall for irrigation. As a result, the timing of planting, fertilizing and harvesting depends primarily on weather forecasts, which are often too general or inaccurate. SunCulture’s solution – an innovative fusion of technologies called AgOptimized – tackles this problem head on. The app gathers local ground and weather data, integrates it with weather and satellite data and analyzes it alongside historical trends using AI. The result? Detailed, localized weather forecasts and recommendations on irrigation, fertilization and pest control, designed to reduce costs and maximize agricultural yields.

Further south in Johannesburg is an AI startup that aims to deliver on its bold slogan: “AI for Africans, by Africans, solving African problems.” Lelapa has designed an AI-based language-as-a-service model named Vulavula.

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