Airtel Africa calls for stronger public-private collaboration at COP28

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Dubai. Airtel Africa Group CEO Segun Ogunsanya has urged African business leaders and governments to work together for a more sustainable future.

He stressed the need for an enabling policy environment to support the private sector in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development.

Speaking at a side event co-hosted by Airtel Africa and the African Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC), Ogunsanya highlighted the importance of balancing environmental protection and economic prosperity. “Livelihood and life must go hand in hand,” he stressed.

He shared examples of Airtel Africa’s commitment to environmental stewardship, including Project Green and its recent partnership to eliminate open waste incineration in Africa. These initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to “transforming lives” through responsible business practices.

Ogunsanya believes that African businesses have the potential to “accelerate the transition to a forward-looking economy” by taking advantage of global markets. He stressed the need for a balanced approach that ensures economic growth, inclusive development and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The ABLC, of ​​which Airtel Africa is a member, also presented policy recommendations at COP28. These recommendations urge governments to establish enabling regulatory frameworks, set ambitious decarbonization targets, and invest in green solutions and climate adaptation programs. Additionally, they advocate for increased access to climate finance to support these efforts.

Airtel Africa’s commitment to sustainable development and its collaborative efforts through the ABLC highlight the importance of public-private partnerships to address climate challenges and build a more sustainable future for Africa.

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