Alison Harding-Jones explains why Andrea Orcel was the ‘best boss I ever had’

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Alison Harding-Jones is a deals veteran who led Citigroup’s M&A franchise in Europe, the Middle East and Africa until her departure from the Wall Street bank in March.

She was one of the few women to hold a senior M&A role at one of the world’s largest banks, with female executives making up just 10% of the top trading positions in Emea, according to Financial News research. She was also Vice President of Corporate and Investment Banking for the Emea region at Citi.

Before joining Citigroup in 2017, she spent approximately 28 years at UBS where she held senior positions, including leading its Asian M&A team. At the time of his departure from the Swiss bank, UBS’s investment bank was headed by Andrea Orcel. He left the sector in 2018 and eventually became chief executive of Italian lender UniCredit three years later.

Financial news is set to unveil its annual ranking of the 100 most influential women in finance on October 16 and will profile some senior female executives before its release. Harding-Jones, who has made the list five times, gives her career advice to aspiring investment bankers, particularly women trying to succeed in a largely male-dominated industry.

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What was your first big break?

Have the opportunity to join the analyst program at age 21 in an investment bank. It’s not where I started and it gave me perspective for a career in the City.

What advice would you give to women in the City?

You will almost certainly be in the minority and will have to do better to move forward. Meet this expectation: the higher you go, the harder it is to progress. Recognize the value and value of your natural communication and EQ skills. Don’t expect anything free: you must constantly deliver.

Who do you consider a professional role model and why?

Andrea Orcel. He was the best boss I ever had and someone who is a natural leader with strong people skills. He’s someone people respect and want to act for, and someone who does what he says he will do.

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