ANC veterans try to convince Msimang to rescind his resignation: report

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Some political analysts believe Msimang’s resignation could be detrimental to the ANC in the 2024 elections.

Some members of the ANC On Saturday evening, he held negotiations with party veteran Mavuso Msimang to try to convince him to reconsider his resignation.

On Wednesday, Msimang sent his letter of resignation to ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula, saying his “time and energy would be better spent elsewhere”.

Msimang listed South Africa’s struggling economy, the poor functioning of Eskom and Transnet and the ANC’s inability to get the situation under control. corrupt individuals among the reasons why he left the party.

Msimang’s resignation could harm the ANC

Some political analysts said his resignation would have a negative effect on the ANC’s performance in the 2024 elections.

“The letter accusing the ANC of suffering from endemic corruption with devastating consequences for the governance of the country and the lives of the poor deals real blows,” said Dr Nkosikhulile Nyembezi.

Dirk Kotze, professor of political science at the University of South Africa, said: “This is a major setback for the ANC, meaning that the things the party claims to do – like making progress in the fight against corruption and regaining one’s moral position – have no impact. »

Kotze added that the ANC Veterans League, of which Msimang was vice-president, has a reputation for trying to protect the moral standing of the ANC.

“President (Cyril) Ramaphosa needs the moral support for someone like Mr Msimang to do what he wants to do.”

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There is also speculation that Msimang may join another political party.

Veterans negotiate with Msimang

THE Sunday hours reports that ANC veterans tried to change Msimang’s mind about resigning.

“I talk to my classmates. I feel their pain and they are sincere,” Msimang said.

However, he was not sure if he would be able to rejoin the ANC.

“Well, if I leave, then I’ll have to apply for membership. Someone will have to readmit me. I’m not sure at this point.

“If I apply (for membership), they will decide whether they want to take me back or not. Any announcement will depend on whether the person holding the key to the doors thinks it (accepting my readmission) makes sense or not,” Msimang said.

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Criticism of the ANC

Msimang has been outspoken in recent years about the failures of the ANC. But this was not always well received.

The ANC veteran’s resignation came the same day Mbalula called on veterans to stop attacking the party and its leaders.

“We call on them to work with the structures of the organization. We have all benefited from the advice and guidance of veterans, including the President.

“Day and night, veterans and loyalists led the charge against this organization.

“They are attacking and ending the campaign against our movement when we are facing difficulties,” Mbalula said.

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