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The Senegalese capital has resumed again with the monster street demonstrations that the country has been experiencing since March 2021. While Dakar seemed to be moving quietly towards the organization, this February 25, of the presidential election, the country of Téranga seems to have retaliation with the demons of violence.

This situation with serious consequences arose from the unilateral decision of President Macky Sall to cancel, purely and simply, the future presidential election scheduled for March 25 on the grounds that “two of the constitutional judges” were accused, by supporters of the PDS, of of corruption and that another candidate in the same election, Rose Wardini, is currently in custody for perjury.

As a reminder, like Karim Wade, the leader of the PDS declared to the Constitutional Council by Thierno Alassane Sall, another candidate, Rose Wardini, who benefits from French nationality has just darkened an already dark picture. Previously, she had declared on her honor that she was only of Senegalese nationality. The discovery of his deception, after the publication of the official list of candidates for the 2024 presidential election, pushed the public prosecutor to take action.

And since then, if Karim Wade does not risk much for his perjury and has even succeeded in canceling the future presidential election, the gynecologist who wanted to be President of the Republic has been placed in police custody for several days . Because, taking advantage of this situation, Macky Sall, who seems to regret the choice of Amadou Ba as heir apparent, decided to slow down the electoral process, thus blocking the functioning of the Republican calendar.

Not wanting to let their behavior be dictated to them and not being ready to let Macky Sall and his people materialize their desire to seize power “for the next 50 years”, political leaders decided to start their presidential campaign with a march today . .

It was during this peaceful march which began towards the Saint Lazare cemetery that Mrs. Anta Babacar Ngom, the president of the ARC movement, and around twenty demonstrators – including her bodyguards – were arrested. According to police sources, the first political leader arrested for opposing Macky Sall’s desire to cancel the presidential election and his comrades are being held in custody at the Fair gendarmerie brigade.

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