At a gas pump near you – Dipetane engine additive invented by an Irish priest in Africa

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Gary McDonald, Business Editor

September 15, 2023 11:30 a.m.

A UNIQUE fuel treatment product invented in Nigeria by an Irish priest studying chemistry is now being distributed for the first time on a Belfast forecourt.

Long considered the automotive technician’s secret weapon in Ireland, Dipetane is a fuel treatment designed to improve the properties of existing fuel, whether petrol, diesel or kerosene.

By adding it to your existing tank at the rate of one liter of Dipetane per 200 liters, the booster has been laboratory proven to give a 10 to 17 percent increase in efficiency and reduction in gas emissions Greenhouse effect.

And as well as being available over-the-counter from dozens of auto parts suppliers across the North, the product is now available to drivers directly via the nozzle located on the forecourt of Eugene O’ Speedline service station Reilly on Kennedy Way in Belfast.

It is clearly stated that it costs 5p more per litre.

But according to Eugene, he has already received enormous support from drivers.

“Whether they drive a Porsche or a black taxi, people keep coming back, because from the first fill-ups, they start to notice the benefits.

“And I would say repeat sales of the Dipetane pump currently stand at 95 percent.”

The product was discovered in 1986 almost by chance by Andrew Anglin, a member of the Dromantine African Mission Society, who was then studying chemistry in Nigeria.

Simply put, Dipetane protects injectors, valve stems and other expensive combustion systems by enabling a more efficient combustion process.

It has several benefits when added to a fuel, as it can increase power output, reduce emissions, and generally improve engine performance.

And by improving combustion efficiency, the product can also help reduce engine wear and extend engine life.

The McQuillan Group of Companies, headquartered in Lisburn, a family business operating a range of businesses including civil engineering, demolition, quarrying, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, exterior cleaning services and analytical chemistry, has been using Dipetane in its heavy goods vehicles and LGV since 2017.

Stephen McQuillan, director of the company (whose sales increased last year from £30 million to £47.8 million), said: “The results showed much greater energy efficiency and we have was delighted with the result.

“We have reduced fuel consumption and noted easier burner control in our asphalt production.

“Not only did fuel consumption decrease, but it became clear that fuel burned with the Dipetane additive burned more efficiently.”

He added: “Last year, we established a sustainability action group to address social, economic and environmental issues, and we partnered with Dipetane to discuss opportunities for further deployment of its product in all our activities and sites.

Since its invention, Dipetane has flourished both nationally and internationally and is now sold in containers of various sizes by hundreds of distributors in Ireland and has successfully spread to markets in Europe, Asia and the UNITED STATES.

The self-mixing rate is always 1:200, i.e. one liter of Dipetane treats 200 liters of fuel.

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