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On Safari, most people are very eager to see the Big 5 or the largest wildlife on the move. But I will add: watch out for the birds. There are so many beautiful birds that you can see during Safari. From the common but oh-so-beautiful lilac-breasted roller to lifers. Do you know what I’m talking about if you’re a bird watcher?

If you like bird watching, let us know before you go on safari. We will leave our guide know this so he can bring any birding books that you and he can refer to on your safari. Otherwise, just enjoy it with your binoculars.

You will find hundreds of resident birds and many flying in from Europe and the Americas. Birds from elsewhere come here, to Tanzania and other countries in East and Southern Africa, at the risk of being captured. Many countries on their way poach and trap them illegally.

But there is hope.

Organizations Bird lovers everywhere are spreading the word to people like me who were unaware of such activities. My mentor, Safari guide extraordinaire Paul Oliver, was the one who opened my eyes when we were birding. Lake Natron. He told me about the fate of wading birds, captured by the thousands when they fly over Mediterranean countries.

I leave you with some pretty birds captured during my Safaris. Every time I go to Safari, I learn to love them more and more. Let your guide tell you more about each bird. They all have their own personalities. From calls to nesting habits, browsing behavior to attract one or more mates, and more. They have their own stories that you will really enjoy.

Your turn? Come shoot them.. with your camera.

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