BitKE will host a webinar on financing startups in Africa, register to attend now

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2021 has been the biggest year in the history of African startup funding so far, with over $4.6 billion in venture capital money allocated to startups across the continent.

In an effort to educate and enlighten even more startups and entrepreneurs looking to raise funds, BitKE hosted a webinar featuring two startups that have successfully raised funds in Africa.

The session which will be held on February 17 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:20 a.m. will focus on startup financing with the theme: MY STARTUP GOT FUNDING – HOW DID I DO IT?

The one-hour session will be moderated by John Karanja, a renowned Kenyan technology entrepreneur and CEO/co-founder of Melanin Solar, a startup that leverages blockchain technology and bitcoin to create accessible markets for solar energy in communities from Kenya.

John is also the author of “The African Blockchain Opportunity,” a book that discusses the opportunity for African countries to move beyond traditional systems using disruptive blockchain technology.

Karanja will be joined by the founders of leading crypto startups, Utu and Kotani Pay, who are developing some of the innovative blockchain projects across the continent.

Utu builds a decentralized trust infrastructure for online reviews and ratings that cannot be manipulated. The company is also behind the Maramoja app.

Kotani Pay is a technology stack enabling fintechs to seamlessly integrate with local payment channels in Africa.

Participants will include startups from across Africa, venture capitalists and investors looking for innovative startups in fintech, agritech, crypto, healthtech, etc.

The discussion will provide an opportunity to better understand the financing process of some of Africa’s first blockchain companies. The session is open to all and will include an opportunity to interact with venture capital firms and investors and an opportunity to raise questions about financing and the broader startup scene in Africa.

You can register to attend and participate here.

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