Brian Mudhara and Navendu Vimal launch the Varrlyn adventure

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Brian Ronnie Mudhara and Navendu Vimal both joined Varrlyn in the first half of 2023. Both arrived with significant experience in the banking sector, but were also looking for a fresh start in a different sector of work. We caught up with both men to find out how their time at Varrlyn has helped them improve their careers so far.

When asked what attracted them to the financial services consultancy, Brian notes that he was particularly drawn to the “challenging and innovative employment opportunities” that Varrlyn offers its employees.

Similarly, Navendu cites a clientele comprised primarily of “big banks” – and having previously worked with major financial institutions such as HSBC and BNY Mellon, who have leveraged its strengths, while opening the door to new possibilities.

At the same time, Varrlyn’s close-knit community of experts and supportive culture made the transition to consulting enjoyable for both professionals. They each talk about how Varrlyn “treats its employees like family,” as well as the company’s commitment to work-life balance, flexible working arrangements, and the well-being of both staff and employees. positive points they have experienced since their arrival.

Brian expands on the subject: “Varrlyn has a rich culture. The team is very collaborative and is interested not only in the work we do but also in our personal lives, which for me was a very pleasant surprise. Meeting people from different backgrounds, carrying out different assignments during our meeting sessions allows me to learn more about the organization and we exchange notes and knowledge on how to handle different circumstances.

“I look forward to tackling challenges at work knowing I have the full support of the team, giving me peace of mind and the ability to develop and deliver value to our customers.”

Previous experience

Prior to joining Varrlyn, Brian developed a strong foundation in the banking industry, primarily in corporate and investment banking with various banks in South Africa and the rest of the continent. During his tenure with these organizations, he has been responsible for implementing a number of key regulatory changes, from IFRS 9 to Basel 1,2,3, as well as active- passive.

This experience left Brian confident that he could make an impact as a consultant, helping the financial services community at large adapt to major changes with his “analytical skills and attention to detail.”

Likewise, Navendu felt the need to bring broader banking industry experiences into an environment where he could support others. He brings 11 years of experience in the banking sector, with specialist expertise in business analysis, agile Scrum management and project management. Navendu is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Having been aboard Varrlyn for six months, Navendu has already had many opportunities to put his experience to good use. “My first projects immediately put my experience to good use. I am currently part of a team tasked with replacing an existing system with a more modern Murex solution. My role as Scrum Master is to manage all Scrum events, playing on an equal footing with the Product Owner, Solution Architects and IT managers. Act as a change agent to enable faster and scalable delivery.

According to Navendu, the project provided “a new learning curve” because a lot of things are new in terms of systems. But this way he is able to learn about “the entire commercial lifecycle of the bank” in a detailed way that was not accessible to him before, “encompassing different streams such as the front office , operations, risks, product control and finance”.

Brian’s first role in Varrlyn also provided him with various learning opportunities. Active as a business analyst in asset-liability management at Rabobank, he was required to implement a solution to help the bank manage its liquidity risk – within “very strict deadlines”.

He continues: “Unlike working in a single department in a single bank, this commitment also meant that I had to meet with various stakeholders across the bank, primarily within treasury, to find out their requirements on the solution they had. need. After receiving these requirements, I translated them into functional requirements specifications to help developers create the necessary solution.

In addition to overseeing this process, “I currently spend a lot of time reviewing the bank’s data to identify the key data points we need for our solution. »

New house

The engaging work and supportive culture has been a great boon to Brian and Navendu. Not only because they were moving from industry to the consulting world, but because they were also moving across the world to do so.

Recalling his move from South Africa to the Netherlands, Brian says Varrlyn was “very helpful” in ensuring a smooth transition. Although moving to a new country – let alone another continent – ​​can be a complicated and tedious task, Varrlyn’s team took it upon themselves to introduce Brian to some of the people who had been through a similar journey , thereby helping him learn to manage the change in environment and culture – with regular catch-up sessions with the team to also help him adapt to the new role he has taken on.

Navendu, who moved from India, adds: “The Netherlands is an expat-friendly country. I always wished that I could move to the Netherlands when I moved and gain valuable experience by moving to another country. Varrlyn certainly lives up to that reputation: they take care of your needs end-to-end, from visa needs (making the necessary paperwork and appointments) to travel arrangements. They even help you connect with other Varrlynees, which gives you a good idea of ​​what moving from another country to the Netherlands is like. Specifically, Varrlyn’s back office team is a gem.

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