Capsizing of a canoe in Saint-Louis: The 5 brains

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Following the tragic capsizing of the canoe carrying 327 candidates for irregular emigration in Saint-Louis (north) causing the death of 27 people, the police managed to apprehend the main perpetrators of this hazardous adventure. The masterminds of the operation, O. Kane and P. Ndiaye, were arrested, as well as their three (3) accomplices, all from Joal.

The investigation revealed that the trip was orchestrated by a gang of five (5) friends, with O. Kane and P. Ndiaye as the masterminds. When they encountered problems during the trip, notably insufficient fuel, the two main organizers fled, leaving behind their three acolytes, who were arrested by the Saly Portudal Research Brigade.

The police then managed to locate O. Kane and P. Ndiaye in Diourbel, where they had taken refuge to escape the vigilance of the authorities. The two organizers were apprehended and taken to Mbour to be placed in police custody.

Faced with investigators, the five organizers admitted the facts with which they are accused. The three men arrested in Joal revealed that O. Kane and P. Ndiaye were the masterminds of the operation, specifying that they had pocketed a larger sum of money than the rest of the group.

The two main organizers explained to investigators that they had taken refuge in Diourbel in search of marabouts, hoping to escape legal proceedings, reports L’Observateur. Their arrest took place before the tragic capsizing of the canoe in Saint-Louis. The five organizers will be brought before the Mbour public prosecutor’s office today to answer for their actions in this tragedy which cost the lives of many candidates for illegal emigration.

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