CDK Integrated Industries elevates industry expertise in time and project management

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In the dynamic field of construction and infrastructure development, time management is the main driver of success. Effective time management is the compass that guides projects away from risks, cost overruns and unexpected obstacles, especially delays. With the attention to detail in the construction and infrastructure sector, it is paramount to instill effective time and project management skills among industry professionals.

This is precisely the mission adopted by CDK Integrated Industries, manufacturer of high-end porcelain tiles. CDK Integrated Industries chose the big stage of Big 5 Construct Nigeria to congratulate industry players on the vital importance of time and project management.

The Big 5 Construct Nigeria is a platform that presents comprehensive solutions in all aspects of the construction cycle. It brings together industry leaders and leading brands, fostering a fertile ground for networking, market insight, exchange of ideas and building a strong network.

As a two-time sponsor of the Big 5 Construct, CDK Industries demonstrates its unwavering support for industry events that create broad, interactive communities of experts, professionals and stakeholders from around the world. Such gatherings facilitate the sharing of ideas and advice that can propel the growth of the industry.

As a platinum sponsor of the Big 5 Construct, CDK Industries is taking this opportunity to unveil its new tile collection. This collection represents the embodiment of avant-garde design, impeccable quality and unrivaled craftsmanship. It highlights CDK Industries’ unwavering commitment to transforming the fields of design, construction and manufacturing by introducing innovative products that meet the changing needs of the industry.

The collection features an eclectic range of tiles, including crystal, wood, cement and stone variants, as well as an eco-friendly UNI collection, reflecting CDK’s commitment to sustainable home design . The company aims to collaborate with projects, developers and owners to revolutionize the industry’s approach to infrastructure design.

“We are delighted and honored to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Big 5 Exhibition,” said Mr. Bernard Longe, Managing Director of CDK Integrated Industries. “Our new tile collection represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless design. We believe this will redefine the aesthetic of construction. Our presence at the Big 5 Exhibition is more than just a showcase; this demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the construction sector,” he continued.

CDK Integrated Industries does not just present its innovations at the show; it also highlights its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the construction sector. The company also showcased its customized tile sets, demonstrating its versatility, earning it the esteemed title of best porcelain tile manufacturer in Nigeria. These bespoke tiles find applications in a multitude of contexts, from outdoor spaces and places of worship to swimming pools and much more.

In the words of Maximillian Ugwunna, the product designer: “CDK Industries can design with any customization you have in mind; contact us and we will turn your dreams into reality.

As part of its mission to solidify its position as a thought leader in the industry, CDK imparted valuable insights on effective time management in a session titled “Time Management Best Practices: Effective Methods to manage project schedules. Led by George Kachouh, General Manager Operations at CDK Industries, this session explored best practices essential to effective time management in the field of project management.

Kachouh noted, “Time management is not just about meeting deadlines; it’s about effectively orchestrating all aspects of a project. I look forward to discussing best practices and learning from my fellow experts.

During the session, he highlighted that time management is a universally applicable skill across all industries. He outlined several strategies for effective time management, such as setting priorities, focusing on one task at a time, and minimizing distractions.

Responding to a participant’s question about completing tasks during the Q&A session, George Kachouh emphasized the importance of prioritization. “Identifying the most important and urgent tasks through prioritization can help alleviate distractions and ensure effective project management,” he explained. He discussed the Covey Time Management Matrix as a useful tool for prioritizing tasks.

CDK Industries is renowned for its proactive engagement with stakeholders, creating interactive forums that enable the sharing of information vital to the growth of the industry.

Dedicated to excellence, innovation and sustainable practices, CDK Industries is a model of quality in the tile manufacturing landscape. The company looks forward to connecting with its industry peers and stakeholders to explore potential collaborations, share knowledge and showcase the remarkable quality of its new tile collection.

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