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CFA Institute Africa Investment Conference

The CFA Institute’s 2023 Africa Investment Conference, titled “The Emergence of Africa: Rethinking or Redefining Your Strategy? was a two-day event organized by the CFA Society Nigeria in collaboration with the CFA Institute. The conference brought together leading investment professionals, policy makers and industry experts to delve deeper into Africa’s substantial potential as an attractive investment destination.

The conference included four panel discussions, each delving into the heart of Africa’s transformation, examining the continent’s strengths, challenges and opportunities through the lens of innovation and strategic reassessment.

Esteemed luminaries from the fintech sector graced the event, including Olumide Soyombo, co-founder of Bluechip Technologies; Olutosin Oni, CEO of Gokada; Ujjwal Singh, CEO of Incash; and Dr. Ola Brown, MFR, General Partner at HealthCap Africa, who served as a panelist for the fourth session. Razaq Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of Cowrywise, moderated this session titled “The African Ecosystem”.

The panelists engaged in in-depth discussions on the African ecosystem, focusing on its future.

Dr. Ola Brown shared his views on the African technology ecosystem. Despite its debut, she spoke about it in terms of its potential. She noted that venture capital, as an asset class, represents between 0.2% and 1% of U.S. GDP, depending on perspective. However, she highlighted its unprecedented contribution to job creation within the technology ecosystem.

In terms of revenue, venture capital startups contribute 21% of US GDP, and approximately 60% of new stock listings come from the venture capital technology ecosystem. Dr. Ola called for a thorough review of the African venture capital and technology ecosystem as an important driver of employment, public listings, GDP and prosperity.

Dr. Ola Brown, a seasoned venture capitalist and second-time fund manager, is a dedicated investor committed to job creation through HealthCap Africa’s strategic investments. The venture capital firm has played a pivotal role in generating 12,000 indirect jobs and 1,000 direct jobs through its portfolio companies, serving nearly a million clients in 12 different countries.

In addition to her notable contributions to finance and technology, Dr. Ola Brown, a medical doctor with a master’s degree in finance and economic policy, is currently pursuing a doctorate in finance, focusing on fintech and monetary policy. His diverse expertise underlines his commitment to driving holistic growth and development in the technology and finance sectors in Africa.

Panelists also explored topics such as venture financing, corporate governance for startups, and exits. Dr Ola Brown noted: “When you think about acquisitions in Africa, most acquisitions still take place in South Africa, more than in Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt combined. This is a significant M&A market due to the higher number of companies.

CFA Society Nigeria, a member company of the CFA Institute, is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of investment practices in Nigeria and providing a vibrant community for interaction and professional development of its members.

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