Chimamanda criticizes the “duality” of the American government in African policy

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Award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Tuesday, discussed the recent article she wrote on the conduct of the 2023 presidential election, which has since gone viral.

Titled “Nigeria’s Hollow Democracy,” it described the election as “a slap in the face of the Nigerian people and an insult to the collective intelligence of Nigerians.”

Clarifying his position during the interview, the writer said the Nigerian people deserve an explanation rather than the “duplicity of the US government” when it comes to African politics.

“This is an unforgivably flawed election and there is evidence of that. The claim that technical problems are the cause is not convincing? ” she says.

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Speaking about her intervention, she said: “I wrote this letter to preserve this truth and to call out the United States for what I see as its two-facedness when it comes to Africa. They criticize African countries for being undemocratic and approve of the undemocratic process.

She demanded proper explanations from the Independent National Electoral Commission regarding the controversies surrounding the election, as the conclusion that these were technical difficulties was “not convincing.”

“Nigerians deserve respect from an institution that is supposed to run a democracy. So no one came to explain to Nigerians how this happened.

“There is a report of technical problems; it is not convincing and knowing how much hope and trust Nigerians have invested in this election, knowing that Nigeria is a low trust society means that if people are sincere and there is nothing to hide, so you go the extra mile to come out and explain to Nigerians what happened.”

Asked about her fears of criticism and threats of prosecution over false allegations believed to be made in the article, Chimamanda said that not only did she expect it, but she was also not afraid of it, as she had stated in the article that even though they were rumors without proof, it highlighted the need to verify each of them and provide the people with an explanation on the malpractices that took place during the election.

She deplored her inability to acquire her PVC and her disappointment with the CENI for the electoral irregularities. Asked about her position regarding Wole Soyinka’s statement which accused Yusuf Datti of making fascist statements, she replied that it was rather the CENI and the government that were fascist for having deprived the people of the right to fair elections without explanation.

She concluded by stating that although the judiciary may have made questionable adjournments in some cases, likely to worry the population, she still has confidence in it for a fair trial and a fair decision by the court.

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