Cope calls for direct election of president

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The Congress of the People (Cope) has reiterated its calls for a change to the electoral law to allow South Africans to directly elect the country’s president to ensure accountable and responsive government.

The new system should also apply to prime ministers and mayors.

At a press briefing on Tuesday morning, the party said the current list system only promotes the interests of the party above those of the people.

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“The people will rule” must be the eternal constant in the country’s politics, the party’s congress executive committee said.

“President Cyril Ramaphosa, like his controversial predecessor, has failed to uphold his oath of office to always discharge his duties with all his might, to the best of his knowledge and ability.

“He demonstrated neither total strength, nor commitment, nor true conscience in the service of the nation. Even the constitutional values ​​of accountability, responsiveness and openness have not been respected or strictly adhered to,” he said.

“Keeping the current electoral system will give us an even more miserably failed presidency. »

The party’s CEC said the current voting system had succeeded in keeping President Cyril Ramaphosa in power when he should have long ago resigned or been removed from office.

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“The social contract has been broken as the government has failed to deliver on all its promises to the people of South Africa due to failures in governance, transparency, accountability and responsiveness,” he said.

Cope’s grievances

“People want something different. I did not go to Robben Island for this nonsense that we are subjected to now,” said Cope president Mosiuoa Lekota.

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Among the problems Cope has with the current government are the collapse of public services and the collapse of many state-owned enterprises and most municipalities.

“Corruption, murders and violent crimes, gender-based violence and kidnappings have left South Africa fearful. The trust deficit between political leaders and ordinary citizens has reached Parliament. South Africa would have been better off if a vote of no confidence had opened the new parliamentary year.

“Ramaphosa will try to sell dreams to citizens without freeing them from their incessant nightmares. Ultimately, party interests will prevail. Business will continue as usual. The economy will be further damaged, unemployment will increase, and any public entity that is not already brought to its knees will be demolished.

“Ministers will remain embroiled in political infighting more than ever, and incompetence and corruption will persist for longer.

“The president failed to hold ministers accountable for their lack of performance and lost the courage to disclose the results of performance reviews. »

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Late last year, presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya said performance reviews of ministers would not be released to the public to avoid the information being used against them.

Cope said that while the current electoral system has worked in favor of politicians, it has been a disaster for the country’s citizens.

“Across our country, everyone now feels the tyranny of the dominant political party. If the electoral system does not change, the lives of South Africans will deteriorate. Our future is in the hands of voters. Our long-term future depends on how our president, prime ministers and mayors are elected.

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