Coronation Group highlights rise in infrastructure investment

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Coronation Group unveiled its first report on infrastructure. The report, which is the result of detailed research, focuses on the critical area of ​​infrastructure financing, highlighting the growing importance of private sector participation in financing infrastructure projects around the world.

While public resources are often limited, private sector investment has emerged as a catalyst to fill financing gaps and unlock infrastructure projects that drive innovation, create jobs and boost economic activity.

The Coronation Infrastructure Report explains how private sector investment is reshaping the infrastructure development landscape. It underlines the imperative of private sector participation in the financing of infrastructure projects and highlights the central role that infrastructure investments play in economic growth and societal progress.

Through rigorous analysis, the Coronation Infrastructure report meticulously identifies key challenges and opportunities related to infrastructure development, providing invaluable insights to stakeholders. From aging infrastructure to emerging technologies, the report spans a range of sectors, offering practical solutions and best practices to drive progress.

Recognizing the transformative power of private sector financing for infrastructure development, the report highlights the importance of fostering an enabling environment that encourages private sector participation.

Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede, Managing Director of Coronation Asset Management, aptly captures the importance of the first Coronation Infrastructure Report, highlighting its role as a pivotal moment in promoting dialogue on infrastructure finance across Africa.

“With infrastructure playing a critical role in economic growth and societal development, the report catalyzes informed discussions. By highlighting the challenges and opportunities in infrastructure financing, it lays the foundation for efforts to meet Africa’s infrastructure needs and unlock its full potential,” he said.

Guy Czartoryski, Head of Research at Coronation, highlights the deep commitment embedded in the Infrastructure Report to providing comprehensive insights into the infrastructure investment landscape.

“By meticulously analyzing the complex dynamics of infrastructure investments, the report serves as a beacon of knowledge, guiding stakeholders through the complexities of infrastructure financing across the continent,” he added.

With the publication of the Coronation Infrastructure Report, Coronation Group reaffirms its commitment to shaping a more resilient, inclusive and prosperous future.

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