Cruise passenger describes moment his ship was hit by rogue wave: ‘You could just see a wall of water, no sky or anything’

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“The situation started with the ship’s horn blaring for an extremely long time, and then the PA system came on, and we just heard sounds of fighting and general movement,” Lawrence said. Then, the passengers heard the alarm which invited them to head towards their assembly stations — the place on board where guests gather in case of emergency.

“I only had to go down a nearby staircase to get to my muster station in the main restaurant, but the ship was tilting quite violently. When it was completely to one side, you could just see a wall of water., no sky or anything,” she told BI.

Lawrence added that while at their muster stations, passengers were issued “survival suits” – or suits that “significantly extend survival times” with insulation, by the Coast Guard.

She said they didn’t hear back for about 20 minutes, but during that time crew members helped guests into their costumes, reassured nervous passengers and brought water and drinks. snacks once things had calmed down.

According to Reuters, a tugboat arrived to help the ship on Thursday evening. Hurtigruten told the media outlet in a statement that no serious injuries were caused by the rogue wave.

“At this time, the ship has confirmed that no passengers or crew were seriously injured as a result of the incident and that the condition of the ship remains stable,” the statement said.

Lawrence told BI that while she probably won’t be heading to the North Sea again this winter, she will still sail with HX in the future.

“It was all very scary at the time, but I think it was all handled as best as possible, given the circumstances,” she said.

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