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The statement made by Adama Fall followed the Diao2024 coalition which was quick to react.

Indeed, here, in front of the press, the former member of the said coalition admitted to having stolen the USB key in which the files of Mame Boye Diao’s sponsorship collection are located. A “web of lies that they wanted to vilify, to spread in public opinion”, according to Omar Guèye, the spokesperson for the Diao2024 coalition.

For him, this key story is only a state conspiracy against the candidate for candidacy Mame Boye Diao, but nothing will be able to prevent the former general director of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations from participating in the Presidential election. of 2024.

“Adama Fall and company are on a mission. Today, everyone is assured that the Diao2024 coalition has a real chance of passing the sponsorship milestone, that is to say that with the work we are doing at the coalition level, the attendance that there is at the level of the coalition with all the Senegalese men and women who rush to President Mamadou Diao bringing him lots and lots of sponsorships every day.”

Now, he said, “the power on the other side having made this consistent, their mission is quite simply to get it into the minds of Senegalese men and women that President El hadj Mamadou Diao no longer has the key that it had to contain separately and no longer has a large enough number of sponsors to be able to move on to the presidential election. That is to say, to manipulate opinion. She is prepared for an invalidation of the candidacy or sponsorships submitted by our president,” declares Omar Guèye on iRadio.

For the spokesperson for the Diao2024 coalition, Adama Fall’s statement is a web of lies, to the extent that we know that he does not have any key that could harm the candidacy or the sponsorship of the former CEO of the CDC.

He also reassures that “these traitors” have no sponsorship leaks. “Because the work we do is secure work with a small team,” he reassures.

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