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Our experience in the Okavango Delta

Linyanti was like a fresh and innocent mansion maiden, while Okavango Delta was like a deep and generous sage for its larger meadows and wetlands with much more delicate colors: ocher, earthy yellow and blackish green. The dense color mixture revealed the artistic ambiance of the primeval wilderness and the isolation of the beginning of Creation. The free-spirited wild animals, some simple and innocent, some profound, some noble and mysterious, some authoritative and domineering, have given this land a vitality of incomparable but full purity.

I fell in love with helicopter safaris since my first try there. You could observe the whole landscape and animals with God’s eyes as the helicopter tilts, turns and changes flight route. It’s truly magical to approach the elephants from above or circle at low altitude to watch the alligators jump into the river one by one, not to mention feeling the freedom in the air.

Encountering a leopard was our priority in Delta, as we didn’t see one in Linyanti. We expressed such expectation to our guide Mr. Max on the first day we arrived in Delta. Max was so dedicated to leading us to find a leopard. He looked for leopard prints and bushes where they might appear, but we found no clues. On the last day of our trip, I accepted that any encounter on safari was a kind of luck, and that meeting each animal was a valuable experience. It is better to cherish every encounter with different wildlife than to go crazy about leopards.

However, Max didn’t give up and he continued to look for a potential opportunity. Suddenly he raised his telescope to a distant location and, in just two seconds, he accelerated the vehicle: he saw a group of antelopes standing still and looking intently at the opposite side. When we approached the antelopes, following the direction of the lead antelope’s gaze, Max spotted a leopard in the distance across the meadow! Max led us to the leopard, and we finally met the leopard at such a short distance, face to face. He was noble and domineering like a royal warrior. The moment I raised my camera to focus on the leopard’s eyes, I shed tears not only for the incredible reward at the end of the trip but also for Max’s perseverance.

At the end of our trip, I met a German visitor. He said Botswana was his favorite place in Africa and one should never miss out on enjoying the Milky Way here. He described the beauty of the Milky Way while observing from an open area south of the camp around 7:40 p.m. and showed me the photos of the Milky Way that he had taken only with his cell phone. When describing the incredible beauty, he, sitting in a wheelchair, shone in his eyes. My friends and I took his advice to watch this on the last night. Around 7:40 p.m. that day, the spectacular sight, the Milky Way visible stretching across the sky, hit us. I took a photo of this the way the Germans taught it.

You will never forget the people there…

When I returned from the trip, I missed not only the natural ecology of Botswana, but also the caring and warm services provided by ABC people, as well as their simple but strong appeal.

As our helicopter approached ABC, we saw all the staff come out onto the balcony, waving to welcome us. They sang and danced, offering us sparkling juice, a clean, damp towel and a “welcome home” greeting, washing away our travel fatigue.

Each morning at 5:00 a.m., before sunrise, the tour guides woke each camp with a bottle of fresh orange juice and turned on flashlights to guide us to the dining room for breakfast. At the end of the day, they ensured everyone’s safety by taking us back to camp.

Thanks to African Bush Camps, we had delicious meals every day. In the morning they served freshly brewed coffee, juices, different kinds of bread, cheese and sausages. For lunch and dinner, the chef and his assistant presented the starters, main courses, desserts and wines in detail. Even during the safari, the guide found open, safe fields and set up tables with delicious pre-made biscuits, beef jerky, soft drinks and wines so we could enjoy tea time in the African grasslands, immersed in the light of day or at sunset.

On special days, the waiters and locals would have a bonfire before dinner and invite us to sing and dance together. They danced freely and passionately, spinning and twisting heartily to joyous tempos. The girls’ colorful skirts swayed like blooming flowers. Surrounded by the ambiance, you would let go of your shyness and dance with them around the bonfires. Their enthusiasm activated every cell in your body. This is the unique charm of Africa. Their songs were powerful, led by a singer who led a choir with polyphonic, multi-layered voices, complicated but harmonious. Among the voices rose a metallic, soaring voice from the lead singer. It was like a beautiful voice from ancient times, but it was truly the soulful song of the motherland deep in my heart. She sang: “Beautiful Botswana, Beautiful Botswana, You will never forget, Beautiful Botswana…”. The simple lyrics and melody touched my heart deeply, even without musical instruments. I wish the song, as well as the bonfire, could last forever and time could stop here.

Back in the city, I often miss the natural beauty of Botswana. If the heavy traffic and fast pace of the cosmopolitan city make life busy and unbearable, or if the tall buildings block the magnificent sunset scene, or if the city lights make us lose sight of the bright stars, I know that distant Botswana still remains at the origin. beautiful. May the untouched land and its wildlife be loved and protected. May we cherish and defend pure beauty. May we be free by holding fast to fear and respect.

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