Does Africa hold the key to finding itself?

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Over the past 20 years, we have been on a wild and wonderful journey of growth and self-discovery! Our two-decade adventure has been a stirring blend of the spirit of Africa. Your stories intertwine with ours, making this celebration even more special. As we take this important step, let’s discover how travel in Africa has the power to fuel passions and shape the future.

Woman taking a quiet moment for herself enjoying the view of the wilderness

Our travels through the breathtaking vistas of Africa have been journeys of personal growth. Image credit: Londolozi

Pause and reflect

Take some time for yourself. In the tumult of everyday life, moments of solitude and reflection are rare. We were able to see for ourselves how African landscapes provide the ideal backdrop for this introspection.

Serene savannahs of Serengeti And Masai Mara to the rhythmic waves lapping the powdery white sand of the Indian Ocean IslandsAfrica is a sanctuary where time seems to have stood still, allowing you to press pause and enjoy the present moment.

Spectacular soil pores are inside the Seychelles

Favor moments of personal comfort in the most sublime spaces in the world like the Seychelles

Choose your tempo

Take the time to do everything. And do nothing. Africa, in its infinite diversity, offers endless possibilities. Whether you are looking for a The 5 great safaris or a peaceful retreat in a secluded lodge, our continent has something for everyone.

This is a place where you can chase the sunrise on a morning safari in the Greater Kruger National Parkenjoy a helicopter flight above the mighty Victoria Fallsor even spend the afternoon sipping an aperitif in the quiet company of that of Madagascar lemurs under ancient baobab trees. The choice to engage or relax is entirely up to you.

Elephant watching on safari

Savor the solitude on a safari in Tarangire National Park, image credit: Little Chem Chem

Off the grid, in nature

Take the time to disconnect. In our digitally dominated world, disconnecting is a luxury. Breathe in the fresh, unpolluted air, listen to the symphony of wildlife and savor evenings where the only luminescence comes from the moon and stars.

close-up of a gorilla and its baby

Find peace in the simplicity of the natural world on a gorilla trek in Rwanda

Venture out boldly

Take the time to challenge yourself, to try something new. Africa inspires courage and curiosity. It is a country where you can conquer your fears and have new experiences.

Imagine yourself summiting Mount Kilimanjaronavigating the watery tendrils of the Okavango Deltadominating the boiling rapids of Zambezi River, or learn the ancient tracking skills of a Maasai warrior. Each exciting activity not only challenges the body, but also broadens the mind.

Woman paddling in a canoe

Be fearless in trying new things, image credit: Kili Villas

Cultural crossroads

Take the time to step back, to be selfless. As you travel across Africa, you will encounter diverse cultures and communities. These interactions offer profound lessons in empathy. By understanding their lives, their victories and their struggles, you gain a new appreciation for the human experience.

Engaging with African populations often inspires a deep-seated desire to contribute positively and make a meaningful difference in the world. It’s life-changing – literally!

Guest interacting with a village elder

Being understanding and compassionate are essential qualities in today’s interconnected world. Image credit: Wilderness

The grand scale of life

Take the time to think, to broaden your horizons. The African landscape, with its timeless beauty and indescribable immensity, is a mirror reflecting your deepest thoughts and aspirations. This is where horizons are not only geographical but also personal, expanding your understanding of the world and your place in it.

Wilderness walking safari with the Maasai warrior

Maasai warriors provide amazing information about wildlife and land, image credit: Tortilis Camp

20 years of wild wonders

Ready to explore new horizons? Whether it’s introspective solitude, thrilling safaris, cultural connections or simply disconnecting for a while, the magic of Africa awaits.

Your journey into nature, the wondrous and the transformative begins by reaching out to our Travel experts. Africa is calling. Are you going to respond?

Featured Image: Ohorongo Tented Camp

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