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Located in the middle of Sabi Sand Game ReserveIn the lush embrace of Dulini Leadwood Lodge, it seems especially intended for romance and relaxation.

Written by Lauren Maker

Each suite offers a private and secluded setting, nestled under the canopy of the ancient forest. The lodge captures an intimate and personalized experience with just four magnificent suites, ensuring you enjoy a luxurious honeymoon.

Arrival at Dulini: warm welcome and panoramic drive

Upon arrival at Dulini I was greeted by Tash, a beautiful African woman with the biggest smile. She greeted me with a fresh lemongrass washcloth to refresh my face and hands. It takes approximately 2.5 hours drive from Eastgate Airport (Hoedspruit) to South AfricaIt is Kruger National Park, or you can fly to Skukuza Airport, which is just a 30-minute drive away. As Tash showed me around the lodge, we saw buffalo relaxing in the water of the river that passes the lodge all year round.

The suites at Dulini Leadwood Lodge are wonderfully spacious, beautifully appointed and designed to blend into the natural surroundings. Each suite includes its own living area, spacious bedroom and sumptuous bathroom. If that’s not enough, you also have access to a plunge pool and sun terrace, the perfect place to soak up the sun or spend some solitary time below. the starry African sky. Dulini truly has it all, offering a blend of rustic beauty and modern luxury, as well as a love affair with nature.

Safari Adventures: wildlife encounters and expert guides

Without a doubt, a honeymoon At Dulini Leadwood Lodge, it’s more than just a romantic getaway, it’s also an invitation to discover the enchantment of animals. THE Sabi Sand Game Reserve is renowned for its excellent game viewingincluding so many animals, including the Big fivethe Ugly Five and the Small Five.

Each safari becomes a shared adventure: watch the hunt, the opportunity to marvel at the majesty of nature’s masterpieces while huddling together, guided by expert rangers and trackers. Ranger Patrick, who has been roaming the area for decades, was exceptional. I noticed that Patrick and May, the tracker, worked well together. Their knowledge and cooperation made each safari even more enjoyable and entertaining. May was very knowledgeable about birds and it was a pleasure to see so many beautiful birds – my favorite being a huge kingfisher.

Culinary delights and romantic dinner

Dulini Leadwood’s romance goes beyond wild experiences: the team is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences. Enjoy dinners for two against the backdrop of the bushveld or dine under the stars on a private terrace. The team will even host candlelit dinners in the open-air boma. A symphony of flavors completes the lodge’s gastronomic offering, designed to captivate the senses. Each meal was a delicious, carefully thought out and wonderfully satisfying experience.

This charming lodge is an excellent choice for a honeymoon safari — it is a canvas on which newlyweds can paint the first vivid features of their love story. The impeccable service, scrupulous diligence and dedication to providing a tailor-made experience will ensure that your honeymoon is carefully planned down to the smallest detail. I was surprised by the quality of service and enjoyed the romance of this place.

The origin of Dulini: aardvarks and the lair of the bear-bear

Dulini is the African word for a termite mound that provides shelter for sneaky creatures. Many years ago, while exploring the beautiful riverside grove, it is believed that the founders of the original location of Dulini Moya knocked over an aardvark that was residing in a nearby dulini, or termite mound. After this it became known as Antbear’s Lair and now lends its name to the lodge itself.

An unforgettable honeymoon safari

The ideal honeymoon safari is one in which romance is created by the people, the setting and the wildlife. Animal sounds become the music of your love story. This lodge checks all the boxes, giving you an all-encompassing experience honoring the union of two spirits.

I recommend staying here for at least four nights, to fully enjoy all the peace, romance and fun this incredible lodge has to offer. This is without a doubt one of my greatest safari experiences to date, and I can’t wait to share it with our guests. Dulini Leadwood Lodge welcomes you Honeymooners looking for an intimate vacation that’s out of the ordinary. Uniquely, it promises a journey of love and exploration amid South AfricaThis is natural splendor.

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