Elon Musk says he takes a small amount of ketamine every two weeks

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Musk said he used ketamine when he had a “negative chemical state” in his brain “like depression,” while adding that he did not believe he suffered from “widespread” depression.

The Don Lemon Show episode 1: Elon MuskTIMESTAMPS:(02:23) News on X(10:07) Donald Trump and the support of a candidate(13:04) The new Tesla Roadster(16:46) Relaxation and video games (17:54) Tweeting and drug use (23:19) The Great Replacement Theory (30:03) Content moderation pic.twitter.com/bLRae4DhyO

Ketamine is an anesthetic that can affect the visual and auditory senses and create a “detachment from reality,” according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. Some people also use it illegally as a party drug, in powder, liquid, or pill form.

Musk said in a Message in August he had a ketamine prescription. The Wall Street Journal published a report in June on his drug use, citing people who had seen him use the anesthetic and people who knew he was taking it.

He said in his post that “occasional use” of ketamine was a “much better option” than taking SSRIs, a type of antidepressant. Musk also said he uses it “when my brain chemistry gets super negative sometimes.”

When asked by Lemon if he abused it, Musk replied, “I don’t think so. If you take too much ketamine, you can’t really do any work, and I have a lot of work.”

Musk, the world’s third-richest person, said he regularly worked 16-hour days, adding that he couldn’t afford to not be “mentally sharp” and that he “can’t really drunk”.

Lemon, a former CNN anchor, also asked whether Musk was concerned that his ketamine use could affect the contracts his companies, like SpaceX, have with government agencies, or whether it could affect security clearances or investor perceptions. .

Musk responded: “From a Wall Street perspective, what matters is execution. Are you creating value for investors? Tesla is worth about as much as the rest of the auto industry combined, from scratch, so that’s pretty good. Like I mentioned, “We had the best-selling car in the world last year. So from an investor perspective, if there’s something I’m taking, I should continue to take it.”

Tesla’s market value is around $524 billion, but its shares have fallen by a third since the start of this year.

Musk did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider made outside of normal business hours.

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