EMPD urges university transportation operators to comply

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School transport is considered by law to be a mode of public transport for which an operating authorization is applicable.

As schools resume operations for the second term, EMPD will take firm action against non-compliance and lawlessness in school transport.

The safety of children in transit is a priority for the department and society.

Operations will be carried out in schools by the EMPD Social Crime Prevention Unit to monitor compliance and technical inspection of all school transport.

Operators are encouraged to ensure they fully comply with road safety, otherwise they will be held accountable for their non-compliance and face the full force of the law.

Here are some tips regarding vehicles used to transport school children:

• Be under 12 years old;

• Be registered in a road inspection center and licensed;

• Be tested in a technical inspection center every six months;

• Have a valid operating permit;

• Have a special vehicle fitness certificate; And

• Specify the number of passengers authorized in the vehicle.

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