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Day 2 | Estuary Hotel and Spa

We love the south coast beaches as there seem to be rock pools no matter which part of the beach you venture to and the little man is a real beach baby who loves to catch anything and everything with his growing collection of nets purchased from beachside stalls (you really need to make a list of what to pack on a beach getaway because we always end up buying mosquito nets and we already have a HUGE collection of them ). If he could be covered in beach sand all day, every day, he would be in his element. We took one of the canoes that can be rented from reception and paddled down to the beach. We probably needed the paddle to burn off some of the breakfast calories.

We spent the morning on the beach, building sandcastles, swimming in the sea and estuary and talking about everything and nothing while getting sandier and sandier. This is why family vacations are so important to us. This gives us time to reconnect with each other because during the week we are so busy with “we have to do this project”, “we have to finish this task”, etc. It’s family time and ONLY family time. No distractions except us and the beauty around us.

After our morning vibe on the beach, we explored the area a bit and stopped at Beaver Creek Cafe which is gaining popularity and for good reason. But sorry guys, you’ll have to check out our blog about that a little later. If we were to include all the areas and activities to explore and experience on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, this would be a very long article indeed, more of a short story.

We returned to the Estuary Hotel and Spa where the man tried his hand at fishing. And he was lucky! He gave the species a name, but since I wasn’t really paying attention to it when the little man and I were trying to catch our own fish with one of his nets, we’ll just call it a silver fish. He had a flat nose if that helps.

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