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Had it not been for the vigilance of the prison guards at Ziguinchor central prison, four cones of Indian hemp were all delivered to an inmate.

According to our colleagues at Seneweb, the drug was hidden in two kilograms of sugar, to deceive the vigilance of the supervisors.

But thanks to the traditional search, the head of the station managed to discover the pot aux roses. The delivery man BA Diédhiou was arrested and then placed at the disposal of the Ziguinchor central police station for investigation.

The drugs were intended for inmate Y. Sow alias “Pouthie”. He has been under arrest warrant since August 28, 2023, for attempted murder, according to Seneweb sources.

Living in Bignona, deliveryman BA Diédhiou, aged 20, told prison guards that it was Pouthie’s girlfriend, with the initials NMC, who had given him the package. Miss NMC was summoned and consulted on the report. And his friend Y. Sow alias Pouthie was taken from his cell by the men of Commissioner Malick Dieng to clarify this matter.

The investigation ultimately exonerated NMC. She knew nothing about this affair. In fact, the delivery man BA Diédhiou accused her of a crime, to get out of trouble.

At the end of the investigation, BA Diédhiou was referred for offering or transfer of Indian hemp in a prison environment as well as the recipient of the illicit merchandise, Y. Sow alias “Pouthie”.

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