Four things OCHA stands for at COP28

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It has been a difficult year for people exposed to extreme weather events.

Families and entire houses were swept away by the floods Libyathe Sahel and Somalia.

In southern Africa, the the most powerful tropical cyclone ever recorded in the world ravaged homes in Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique.

It is essential for OCHA, as the global coordinator of humanitarian assistance, to amplify the voices and needs of those affected at COP28, which kicked off this week in Dubai.

The conference started on a positive note with the decision to launch the Loss and Damage Fund, strengthening the hope of vulnerable communities that their voices will be heard.

Here is what OCHA intends to do at COP28:

1. Announce the new Climate Action Account

The Account is a new initiative aimed at accelerating the humanitarian response to extreme weather-related disasters. It proposes climate finance to ensure action is taken before floods, droughts and storms to help vulnerable people.

The Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, Joyce Msuya, will announce the opening of the account, which is part of the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). Each year, between a quarter and a third of CERF funds are dedicated to extreme weather disasters.

The Account is established in response to a call from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, urging existing financial mechanisms within and outside the UN to help close the financial gap by finding ways to supplement the Loss and Damage Fund.

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