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Met de zomer voor deur kijken we naar eleven vliegende zomergast, de Zuidelijke Karmijnbijeneter. There is a choice of colors in South Africa and a must for other people.

Karmijn Bijeneter

Photo by ebird

Name Gebruikeleijke

Karmijnrode bijeneter (English), rooiborsbyvreter (Afrikaans); iNkotha-enkulu (isiZulu) and Nkhonyana (Xitsonga).

The Mandingo people of West Africa (in Mali, Eastern Guinea and North Africa) are called “neef van het vuur”. De vogels worden zo genoemd omdat ze vuren bijwonen op zoek naar insects die de vlammen ontvluchten.

Kleurrijk uiterlijk

This kind of weight, net and other bijeneters, fair color and too pronounced karmijn red, but the color is below blue. This is a large South Afrikaans bijeneter, with a length of 25 cm, excluding supports with a length of 12 cm.


The bijeneter is a migrant country, last summer, between August and November, crossing the gate of Zimbabwe and Zambia, before his summer trip to South Africa, to South Africa, where will take place Augustus’s voyage to equatorial Africa.

Food and diet

De volwassen bijeneters zijn voornamelijk luchtfoeragers, hun dieet bestaat uit verschillende ongewervelde dieren (libellen, termieten et sprinkhanen), kleine vissen et hun kuikens zijn uitsluitend insecteneters. One of the social relations brokers has been very hardworking, he deals with social relations with other people.

The Zowel of the Zuidelijke Karmijnbijeneter as well as the Noordelijke Karmijnbijeneter zustersoorten zijn waargenomen terwijl ze meeliften op grote zoogdieren (buffels) et grote vogels (Kori Bustard) during the foerageren. If you do something about it, you will have to write something about it. This method is effective for people who want to sleep. You just need to brake the braak balls to use the insects’ exoskeleton.

The customer’s words will be changed and the brand names will be changed. This opportunistic strategy can help you deal with the insects that lie in wait for you. A migratory route can result in spring flights, but you must commit to a large energy investment project for your business.

Bijeneter South Africa

South Africa photo online


In South Africa, the region lies beyond open savannah. The features of the savannah land are an ideal way for insect air travel. There is a great affinity with the water of the fish colonies which are mainly found in the sewage which extends towards the rivers which are bordered. These are not available from other banks. I see that there are neerstrijken op plants die boven watersystemen hangen.


Les partners karmijnbijeneters Zuidelijke vormen monogamous broedrelaties et bonden zich dus aan één partner. The baltsgedrag strives to ensure that the managed life models are anbieden in the genus of insects, which means that the coitus volgt as well as the vrouwtje of advances van the mannetje acceptt. Normally the producer needs 2-3 hours, but the heights of the containers are longer than usual.

Please note that when you fly, your bikes will be heated. Volwassen dieren producers verschillende roepgeluiden voor bedreigingen en baltsgedrag. Visueel vertoon om other vogels af te wasn’t bestaat uit het pluizen van de veren van het bovenlichaam et vrouwtjes bootsen meestal de houding van un jong na om un geschenk van un mannetje ontvangen tijdens de balts.

Social level

And people from social society are found in large colonies of 1000 people in credit banks. The springs are the ones where the flora die over water, and they are affected by the effects of light growth.


Vanwege zijn extravagant verenkleed doden sommige culturale groepen de voor hun kleurrijke veren en soms ook voor voedsel. Sommige imkers zijn ervan overtuigd que de soort een bedreiging vormt pour hun honingbijenkwekerijen.

Dingo (Canis familiaris dingo), monitor lizard (Varanus varius), antechinus geelvoetige (Antechinus fiavipes) and rietpadden (Rhinella marina) zijn de belangrijkste Roofdieren voor regenboogbijeneters. This roof is once pre-named on everything that happens in Kuikens.


The IUCN Rode Lijst van has been classified by the Ministry of World Heritage, but it has already been widely cited in relation to the criteria for the Kwetsbaar classified in the word. The exact situation is not correct due to the population being left alone. The house of the population of Aantal afneemt, is the name that is not generated by the country like zorgwekkend to be behind you. Furthermore, the words extend over an area of ​​20,000 km2.

Verschillende menselijke activiteiten vormen een bedreig for de soort. These range from the alarming use of insecticides for insect management, the restoration of rivers near Dammen’s shops and the overexploitation of Leiden’s food consumption, to a surname of the population .

Bijeneter Vogels

Photo by Will Burrard-Lucas Scientific Photo Library

Dierlijke family

Merops Nubicus (Noordelijke Karmijnbijeneter) est un zustersoort van de Zuidelijke Karmijnbijeneter. The country is not documented in South Africa, but nomadic in Zambia. It is interesting to know that these two cities are located near a place where one finds oneself, a place where one has experienced a journey, namely raised by great voices, with the name of Kori and traps Arabs. Bijeneters are responsible for the order Coraciiformes. These are rolls, isvogels, neushoornvogels and another stench.

Leuke Feiten

  • There are experts in “hawking”, a hunting technology vehicle that launches a boat, an insect touts flight and heads into the interior of another boat.

  • While they are broedseizoen and they are slakkenhuizen, you can find some products that are produced by you.

  • The best of the family members are monogamous and among other people for the young, some with the help of other people in the colony, a day when their life is for the people.

  • In the wild life of these vogels, two years ago. I can have an open levensduur up to 10-12 years old.

  • During the broedroid period om eieren te legsen, verwijderen vrouwelijke vogels de eieren van de oorspronkelijke bewoner van het nest dat ze bewonen als hun eigen eieren.

This kind of species has an important ecological role in the ecosystem, its biological role also being the best way to act on insects in too distant terms, which allows even eliminating insect populations in the ecosystem. It’s about a man expressing himself in nature and observing you by shooting a suitable photo, as well as a Buffel button.

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