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The digital landscape of African countries has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade. As 2022 heralds some 570 million active users across Africa, this figure is expected to continue to rise and, if projections remain on the same trajectory, will reach more than 890 million people by 2028.

Thanks to the affordability of mobile connections, which eliminates the need for infrastructure required by traditional desktop computers with fixed Internet connections, the benefits of the new digital age have been felt across all societal and economic sectors on the continent. As Africa becomes increasingly lit up, web and app-based opportunities are increasing through social media, e-commerce and financial technology services (particularly important for a continent where around half of the population is unbanked).

However, despite the increase in users, the internet penetration rate only stood at 43% in 2021, below the global rate of 66%. And, even though internet penetration and accessibility are increasing, there remains a striking divide between different African countries, as internet penetration rates vary widely. across and within regions.

One of the world’s leading infrastructure providers dedicated to closing this accessibility gap is Gcore. With the intrinsic belief that everyone deserves a high-quality web experience, regardless of where they live, Gcore’s mission is to make the Internet a better place for everyone. The company achieves this by delivering web experiences with superior accessibility and minimal latency, all backed by secure, high-quality performance, regardless of global location.

Gcore infrastructure for Africa

With over 150 points of presence (PoPs) worldwide, Gcore plans to continue expanding its network presence across Africa. Gcore’s African infrastructure provides reliable access to these markets for international businesses, while providing reliable connectivity to the global market for African businesses and communities. To achieve this, Gcore offers a next generation content delivery network (CDN) which helps businesses accelerate dynamic and static content on their websites and applications.

Since Gcore’s entry into the African market in 2019, the company has continued to expand its PoPs across the continent as part of its commitment to enabling barrier-free global networking for all and accelerating global participation. Africa to the global economy. With six additional PoPs planned in the near future, Gcore currently has fifteen active PoPs in Africa.

Rapid growth of Gcore’s infrastructure across the continent.

Power the way

African nations are ready and willing to seize the opportunities that the digital age has to offer and, with more 600 million people Across the continent expected to use smartphones by 2025, Africa stands on the brink of an explosive digital technology era. But adoption largely relies on reliable coverage so users can properly interact with and benefit from web experiences and applications.

And it doesn’t stop at the end user. Optimized internet infrastructure opens the door to increased regional investment as local and global businesses realize the potential of digital African markets. If online education start-up, international healthcare or financial organizations looking to expand in the region, optimized content delivery supports the development of local entrepreneurship and regional initiatives while making outside investment more attractive for entities. Better African Internet infrastructure is a win-win.

With its extensive internet infrastructure in the region, Gcore is able to meet this demand, providing better, faster and more secure internet connectivity. The advanced web experience offered by Gcore provides a solid foundation for all African nations to leave their mark on the global economy.

Gcore CDN is a next-generation content delivery network that helps businesses accelerate dynamic and static content on websites or applications. Gcore CDN has many built-in web security features and operates through a rapidly growing infrastructure with more than 150 points of presence across six continents.

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