Generative AI is already taking white-collar jobs and salaries in the online freelance world

by MMC
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An anonymous reader share a report: In a ingenious study published this summer, American researchers showed that within months of ChatGPT’s launch, writers and designers at major online freelance platforms saw a significant drop in the number of jobs they landed, and a drop even stronger in their income. This suggests not only that generative AI is taking their work, but also that it is devaluing the work they are still doing.

Even more striking, the study found that freelancers who previously had the highest incomes and performed the most jobs were no less likely to see their employment and income decline than other workers. If anything, they had worse results. In other words, being more qualified does not protect against job or income loss. But the online self-employment market covers a very specific form of salaried work and the labor market. What if you’re looking to climb the ranks of the knowledge worker class? For this we can turn to a recent and fascinating Harvard Business School studywho monitored the impact of offering GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest and most advanced offering, to Boston Consulting Group employees.

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