Ghanaian women like Nigerian men, lack of option could push them to marry their men – Hilda Baci – Ghanaian women like Nigerian men, lack of option could push them to marry their men – Hilda Baci – Tekedia Forum

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A podcast presenting Hilda Effiong BaciA Nigerian chef and entrepreneur, caused a stir on social media by sharing his views on the differences between Nigerian And Ghanaian Men. Baci, who runs a catering business in Lagossaid she preferred Ghanaian finished men Nigerian Men.

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In the podcast, Hilda also stated that Ghanaian women, deep down, want to settle down with Nigerian men rather than their Ghanaian counterparts.

Baci the comments received mixed reactions from listeners, with some agreeing with her and others criticizing her for her generalizations and stereotypes. Some Nigerian men accused her of being bitter and ungrateful, while some Ghanaian men welcomed her praise. Some women also shared their own experiences with men from both countries, supporting or refuting Baci’s claims.

According to some Internet users, Ghanaian women prefer to find Nigerian unattractive men, adding that most of them end up settling for menial jobs like selling phone cases etc.

“Ask 20 Ghanaian women if they will marry Ghanaian men. Put Nigerian men and Ghanaian men side by side and see who they choose. Ghanaian women marry Ghanaians because that is what they care about. When we send Nigerian men to Ghana, the men there will not get wives,” she said openly during a discussion with Ghanaian men from the UK.

Baci has not yet responded to the backlash. She added that she respects all cultures and people.

However, his statements, which have since sparked a massive backlash from Ghanaian tweets that claimed that most Nigerian men in Ghana are not ‘trophies” as she planned.

Hilda Baci also speaking on a podcast, she said her country’s Jollof (Nigerian) was the best.

Hilda Baci, while speaking on a podcast, said that she has tasted Ghana Jollof, and she can confidently say that it is not as good as Nigerian Jolloff. The old Guinness world record The holder added that Ghana Jollof has no flavor.

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