Gift guide for safari lovers.

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My favourite hobby. I went from being an amateur to amateurum, and one of my favorite gifts was my camera.

If you or your partner are considering purchasing a camera and are new to the camera game, I would recommend:

  • A Canon T8i, a good digital SLR camera to start with. I had a T3 when I started and I still use photos from that camera.

  • If you know you’re going to use your camera often, get my current crop body Canon80D – not a full frame camera but one that I can use outside of Safari. After many years of borrowing from Photo Rental Source (um, I could have paid for the lens with all the borrowing I took out), I finally purchased the Canon 70-300mm Lens. Not too heavy for me and gives me the reach I need. Many of my photographer friends have recommended the Canon 100-400mm lens. This may be a good lens to borrow – see my notes below.

  • Want the mother camera? So do everything you can to Canon 5DMarkIII. If you are a pro, you already know this camera.

  • I know many of my professional Safari guide friends use Sony. If I was looking for a Sony for my future Safari, this Sony AR111 that’s what I would get. I would borrow a telephoto lens.

If you want to make a good point and shoot, my client Natalie had the Canon Powershot. She took great photos and videos with this compact camera.

The other option is to rent a camera body and lens. Photo rental source is my go-to location in Houston and they ship nationwide. Photo B&H I used a lens that would also work or call them for camera ideas. They are fantastic and will guide you through the hundreds of options available.

After a day or two of safari, everyone goes into wildlife and bird-seeking mode with hawk-eyed Safari guides. A professional guide/guide trainer recommended them Vortex Binoculars volume. The key to a good binocular, he says, to simplify the complex science behind the machine, is a 10×42 and good prism glass. I’ve had them for a few years and a few of my Safari guide friends use them too, so I know I’m in good company.

Technical tool to consider:

  • THE Anker battery for my iPhone – I always take it with me. The times I’m grateful to have it are when I’m on the plane. You must have your phone for boarding pass etc. and low battery for me is stressful. When the room does not have a charging station near the bed. My iPhone is always charged this way for photos, listening to music for the room, etc.

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