Global Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Market

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Dublin, November 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market 2023” the report has been added to offer.

In 2021, the market is estimated to be worth approximately $6.1 billion, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 44.9% from 2021 to 2026.

Analysts bring you the latest research on this very lucrative industry. The Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market 2023 offers an in-depth analysis of the dynamic landscape of AI in healthcare.

Over the years, the integration of artificial intelligence has revolutionized healthcare, impacting diagnostics, treatment planning and patient care. This comprehensive report examines the key components, technological foundations, and applications of AI in healthcare, while also providing strategic insights through SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces analyses.

The global market for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has seen remarkable growth in recent years, fundamentally transforming the healthcare delivery landscape. AI, characterized by its ability to mimic human cognitive functions, has found many applications in the areas of diagnosis, predictive analytics, personalized treatment plans, etc.

One of the main drivers of this growth is the increasing demand for advanced healthcare solutions. The integration of AI technologies improves clinical decision-making processes, optimizes healthcare workflows, and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes. The proliferation of healthcare data, coupled with growing awareness of the potential of AI in healthcare, has further fueled this trend.

The market can be divided into different segments based on components, technologies, applications and geographical regions. In terms of components, the market encompasses software solutions, hardware and services including consulting, integration and maintenance. Meanwhile, AI technologies used in healthcare include machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and other specialized areas like computer vision.

The applications of AI in healthcare are diverse and impactful. Medical imaging and diagnostics have been revolutionized by AI algorithms that improve the accuracy and speed of image interpretation. When it comes to drug discovery and development, AI streamlines the process, potentially speeding new therapies to market. Personalized medicine and treatment planning benefit from AI’s ability to analyze individual patient data and tailor interventions accordingly.

Overall, the report is aimed at a diverse audience seeking in-depth insights into the global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare market 2023, making it a valuable resource for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Company Profiles

  • DeepMind Technologies Limited
  • IBM Company
  • Intel Company
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • NVIDIA Company

Key topics covered:

A. Executive summary

B. Market Overview
B.1 Industry Definition
B.2 Market Overview (2017-2021)
B.3 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on AI in the healthcare market

C. Evolution of AI in healthcare
C.1 Current landscape and trends (2017-2021)
C.2 Market dynamics
C.3 Sectoral factors
C.4 Industrial opportunities
C.5 Industry Challenges

D. Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market: SWOT Analysis
D.1 Strengths to exploit
D.2 Weaknesses to overcome
D.3 Possibilities to explore
D.4 Threats to overcome
D.5 Summary of SWOT analysis results

E. Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market: Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis
E.1 Introduction
E.2 Bargaining power of buyers
E.3 Bargaining power of suppliers
E.4 Competitive rivalry in the industry
E.5 Threat of new entrants
E.6 Threat of substitutes

F. AI in healthcare: technological foundations
F.1 Machine learning and deep learning
F.2 Natural language processing (NLP)
F.3 Computer vision
F.4 Contextual processing
F.5 Robotics and automation

G. Applications of AI in healthcare
G.1 Medical imaging and diagnostics
G.2 Drug discovery and development
G.3 Personalized medicine and treatment planning
G.4 Virtual health assistants and chatbots
G.5 Predictive analysis of patient outcomes
G.6 Clinical trials and research

H. Market Segmentation by Component
H.1 Software solutions
H.2 Material
H.3 Services
H.3.1 Advice
H.3.2 Integration
H.3.3 Maintenance

I. Market segmentation by technology
I.1 Natural language processing (NLP)
I.2 Machine learning
I.3 Deep learning
I.4 Others (e.g. robotics, computer vision)

J. Market Segmentation by Application
J.1 Hospitals and healthcare providers
J.2 Pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories
J.3 Health care payers and insurers

K. Regional analysis
K.1 North America
K.2 Europe
K.3 Asia-Pacific
K.4 Latin America
K.5 Middle East and Africa

L. Regulatory landscape
L.1 FDA and other regulatory bodies
L.2 Compliance and standards

M. Global AI in Healthcare Market: Investment and Financing Analysis
M.1 Venture capital investments
M.2 Public and private financing initiatives
M.3 Conclusion and recommendations
M.4 Major transactions (mergers and acquisitions)

N. Competitive analysis
N.1 Market share analysis
N.2 Strategic initiatives
N.4 Major players in the industry
N.4.1 Company profile
N.4.2 Main products and projects
N.4.3 Strategic initiatives
N.4.4 SWOT analysis

N. Case studies and real cases

O. Market Challenges and Outlook (2022-2027)
O.1 Ethics and confidentiality issues
O.2 Security and data protection
O.3 Integration challenges
O.4 Trends and future developments

P. Glossary of terms

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