Google updates search engine, users can now get help with math and science problems

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Google updates search engine, users can now get help with math and science problems

Tech giant Google has updated its search engine after announcing that search now provides users with more help on complex topics like trigonometry and calculus.

In announcing this upgrade, Google wrote:

Whether you’re looking at a math textbook or using search to get more context on a complex physics problem, sometimes it can be difficult to describe exactly what you’re looking for. Take for example that complex biology concept or that pesky geometry problem. With new features in Search and Lens, you can now visualize STEM concepts and determine which equation to use by searching for them in a more natural and intuitive way.”

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Once an equation or integral is entered into the search bar, it will be followed by a step-by-step explanation and solution to help students visualize and solve tricky problems.

Meanwhile, for Geometry, the tech giant revealed that Google Lens can now interpret both the visual and textual components of triangle problems. Since users won’t be able to draw shapes in the search bar, uploading a photo of the equation is the best solution.

Google’s upgraded feature will help users identify known and unknown values, as well as understand which formulas to use and when in order to better resolve these issues in the future.

Additionally, for physics questions, Google search will highlight known and unknown values ​​and then display the correct formula to use for that particular equation.

The math update is currently live on the desktop and mobile app. Google says users can type the phrase “math solver” into the search bar to try out their new desktop experience.

Google wrote,

“It can be frustrating when you’re trying to solve a math problem and you’re not sure what the next step should be. Now, when you search for the problem, you’ll be able to get even more help on topics like trigonometry and calculus.

“Simply type your equation or integral into the search bar, or take a photo with Lens, to see a step-by-step explanation and solution. You can also type “math solver” to try the experience on desktop and soon on mobile.”

Along with helping with math, Google is rolling out interactive 3D models for certain scientific fields such as physics, biology and chemistry. Diagrams will allow users to zoom in on an object and provide definitions of what they are looking at.

With 3D models in search, users will be able to explore interactive diagrams containing definitions and overviews of nearly 1,000 topics in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and related subjects.

Google is also leveraging Large Language Models (LLM) to help search better answer word problems, starting with many foundational high school physics topics.

Recall that in March this year, the tech giant integrated the Pathways Language Model (PaLM) into Bard to improve mathematical and logical capabilities. This made it possible to answer word and math problems in multiple steps.

As AI technology becomes the most in-demand technology and tech giants integrate it into their systems, Google, in response to the booming search space, is rushing to create an entirely new search engine powered by AI technology to stay ahead of the curve.

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