Guide to Safari Accommodation. Camps versus Lodges.

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When you hear about Safari hosting, you will often hear “Camps and Lodges”. If you’ve never been on an African safari, you probably associate the word “camp” with a small tent and basic facilities, or maybe even some sort of military installation with rations! The word “lodges” probably conjures up images of dimly lit old cabins. Both of these are very wrong when it comes to Safari lingo! I’m going to walk you through the different types of accommodation on Safari and what to expect! Keep in mind that I work with destinations ranging from mid to high-end luxury, ranging from $400 to $1,800 per person per night.

Classic tent camps

This is your old Africa, “Hemmingway Style” accommodation. Expect large canvas tents furnished with nice amenities and often more exterior en-suite bathrooms. It’s the closest feeling to nature while remaining in luxurious comfort.

The Lounge tent refers to the common area where you will find stunning views, delicious food, books and games. This is the “chill-out” space where you will spend your time when it is too hot to go on safari in the heat of the day or when you are having your evening drink watching the sunset!

The tent camps will be either permanent or mobile.

Permanent tent camps
These camps will not move from one season to the next and will be located in prime locations all year round. When you stay in a permanent camp, you will usually have larger rooms, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, more living room space, and amenities like a spa, etc.

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