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Venus has an uncontrollable greenhouse effect. I kind of want to know what happened there because we turn the knobs here on Earth without knowing the consequences. Mars once had running water. It’s very dry today. Something bad happened there too. The universe is hilarious! For example, Venus is at 900 degrees. I could tell you it melts lead. But it’s not as fun as saying: “You can cook a pizza on the windowsill in nine seconds.” And the next time my fans eat pizza, they will think of Venus!

I don’t want to leave this planet until I’ve accomplished everything I was put here to do.

Tyler Perry

Asteroids are before our eyes. Dinosaurs didn’t have a space program, so they’re not here to talk about this issue. We are and we have the power to do something about it. I don’t want to be the shame of the galaxy, having the power to deflect an asteroid, then not doing it and ending up disappearing.

Let’s find a new way to think about the whole taxonomy of solar system objects, and not get hung up on this concept of “planet”, which, of course, only meant: “Are you moving across the stars in background, what are you doing?

Earth could one day soon

Some asteroids have us in their crosshairs. It would be nice to get up close to them and find out what they are made of, possibly marking their ears so they always transmit their location to us. If one of their trajectories is heading straight towards us, we will know well in advance that something needs to be done.

I have a personal philosophy in life: if someone else can do something I do, they should do it. And what I want to do is find things that would represent a unique contribution to the world – the contribution that only I and my portfolio of talents can make. These are my priorities in life.

There is a lot to do in space. I want to know more about the greenhouse effect on Venus, about the existence of life on Mars, about the environment in which the Earth and the Sun are immersed, about the behavior of the Sun.

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