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Unveiling our African Renaissance!
A journey into the realm of fiction and stories of African origin.

Hello, favorite reader!

It’s Eromonsele, and oh $#%! here we go again.

So it’s been three years since you HELPED me win the prestigious Afrobloggers Awards, a Zimbabwe-based web hub celebrating African bloggers, and every time I scroll down my homepage I can see the plaque for Best Travel and Culture Blog (2020).

To be honest with you, it’s been a journey of reassurance of an active community on and off WordPress. However, once again, I ask for your kindness.

This time I entered a Pan-African writing competition for a whopping $1,000 prize! It’s HUGE, it’s even life-changing and it’s close to my heart because it’s a competition created in Nigeria.

You see, my competition is tough! This competition is judged on a compilation of likes, comments and shares per article.

Again, it’s quite a process as you will unfortunately have to sign up with an email address to “REGISTRATION” and “VOTE” in the sense of commitments.

But it’s quick, I promise.

To be honest, I will share a quick overview of my participation in this competition. If you prefer to avoid the gibberish and ENTER your vote, you can Click here or the snapshot of my AMAKA article: ‘We may have ruined African folklore, but we can save it” paragraphs above.


Join the movement: Igniting our flame of the African Renaissance

In our age of rapid modernization and global cultural exchange, it is a paradox that we often find ourselves alienated from our own cultural heritage.

The vibrant tapestry of African mythical figures and folklore is in decline, causing a disconnection from our roots and a gradual erosion of our collective identity as Africans.

You see, in the midst of this cultural disconnect, a dynamic renaissance is taking place: a resurgence of African folklore and fiction carried by Africans, for Africans, and nurtured in the digital spheres of the interweb.

Empowering African storytellers: a digital shift

In an age where technology shapes our lives, the power of storytelling is finding new platforms to flourish.

By adopting this digital era, African storytellers are reclaiming their narrative authority.

Platforms like Spirit of Ronuhosted by the charismatic Doctor Cartel, delves into the depths of African history, highlighting pre-colonial and post-colonial events.

In the same way, Comics Republic stands as a powerhouse in Nigerian comics, creating stories that explore the richness of our histories and myths.

Ese folktales and tales on YouTube provides a virtual gathering place for generations as parents, grandparents and their African descendants can watch popular cultural tales, fostering timeless connections.

From legend to animation: African characters in the spotlight

The emergence of African superheroes on screens and in video games marks a change in our cultural landscape. The rise of characters like Garbage Boy and trash caninspired by Nigerian creativity and featured on Cartoon Network, amplifies our presence on the global stage.

Moreover, Luvuthando African dollsborn from the imagination of Yolanda Yawa-Donkers, responds to the lack of representation in the toy industry.

These creations echo our heritage, ensuring that young African children, both men and women, see themselves reflected in the stories they consume.

A cultural renewal through art and play

Art galleries, museums and cultural centers are sanctuaries where the echoes of African myths resonate through centuries-old artifacts.

These destinations offer tangible encounters with our heritage, sparking curiosity and understanding, I assure you.

Photo of me with an Eyo masquerade. Eyo is a unique Yoruba festival in Lagos, Nigeria. The word “Eyo” refers to costumed dancers.

The world of video games also plays an important role in this cultural revival. Aki and Paw Paw: epic race And Fill the black bridge the gap between modern technology and African stories, inviting players to experience the lives of African legends and celebrate black cultures around the world.

Leading the way: embracing our heritage

Are you coming?

As we reflect on this renaissance, the path forward becomes clear. Embracing our heritage is not an act of isolation; it’s a journey of empowerment.

By sharing stories of Sango, Queen AishaAnd Yemojawe maintain a sense of pride and understanding.

Just as donning a superhero costume at a convention does not redefine one’s beliefs, our cultural traditions can coexist harmoniously with modern life.

United for the African Renaissance: Lighting the fire

It’s not just a movement; it’s a call to action.

Garbage Boy and Trash Can by Nigerian cartoonist Ridwan Moshood.

We have the power to resurrect and celebrate the stories that define us as Africans.

By supporting African storytellers, artists and creators, we bring our cultural heritage to life.

TO YOU ! Please show your support

If you resonate with the vibrant resurgence of African folklore and fiction, I invite you to like and comment MY AMAKA SUBMISSION.

I believe we can amplify the call for an African renaissance, only together!

Click to VOTE (read instructions)

As mentioned, your engagement on my AMAKA fuels the fire that will light the path to ericotrip success.

Together, Africans and beyond, let’s embrace our roots and challenge modernity and false narratives! ????????

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