How to activate “tourist mode” in your own city

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The thrills that come with traveling include being in “tourist mode” and exploring interesting attractions.

However, you don’t have to be in a far-flung destination to enjoy all things touristy. Often the city is full of untapped places and hidden gems ready to be discovered.

If you haven’t left your city this holiday season, here’s how you can still be a tourist.

Take a walk with your camera

Countries popular with solo female travelers

Image: Getaway Gallery

One of the best ways to get a new perspective on a familiar place is to use your lens.

Taking your camera for a walk around your city can expose you to beauty you might have otherwise overlooked. You will likely see the buildings and various attractions in a different light.

Visit local museums and art galleries

Tatham Art Gallery

Source: Facebook / @Tatham Art Gallery

Take time to visit your local museums and art galleries. This refreshing experience will fuel your creativity and inspiration.

You will also be able to discover interesting facts about the history of your city. Plus, you’ll probably get some really nice images.

Book a stay

Booking a stay in your city will undoubtedly bring out the tourist in you. You can stay in a hotel, guesthouse or Airbnb located a few kilometers away.

Ask your host for their recommendations and look through the brochures they have. Who knows? You might just find some exploration tips. In addition, you will give a boost to local tourism.

Explore your local food scene

In every city, there are often restaurants that are popular with tourists but avoided by locals.

Play tourist and go out to eat to find out what it’s all about. You can also visit local food markets to explore in-depth the different dining options your city has to offer.

Look for popular Instagram spots

Orlando Tours

Orlando Towers (Image: Getaway Gallery)

These days, every city has at least one popular spot spread across Instagram. It can be a city sign, a viewpoint or a beautiful backdrop.

Appreciated and frequented by tourists, these places are generally off the radar of locals. Visit them to get a glimpse of your city from a tourist’s perspective.

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