How to stay safe on a busy day at the beach

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As the holiday season approaches, many people will leave their homes for vacation destinations or hit the beaches.

The beach can be a fun place to spend the day, and enjoying the beach is probably a favorite summer activity for many, but it’s important to follow safety rules and guidelines, especially on a busy beach day.

In a bid to keep everyone safe on a busy day at the beach, the KZN Sharks Board is sharing some safety tips for the public. This applies when you are on sand or in water.

KZN Sharks Board public relations officer Babalwa Mpaka advises the public to follow the advice and instructions of lifeguards.

Mpaka explains: “Always keep an eye on your children. They make announcements over the loudspeaker or you can ask them about the condition of the beach.

He stressed that at the beach, it is important for the public to find and follow posted signs and flags for their safety.

Here are the tips to protect yourself during a busy day at the beach, shared by the KZN Sharks Board:

Follow all beach rules and regulations.
• Avoid drinking alcohol if you swim or boat.
• Keep an eye on your children at all times.
• Always swim in groups.
• Do not swim when and where the water is dirty.
• Avoid swimming when you are bleeding.
• Know where the first aid stations are.
• Look for signs and displays near the entrance or emergency tower.
• Talk to lifeguards for tips and information about the beach and water conditions.
• Equip yourself with swimming techniques.

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